Neck pain


I have popping, grinding, pain, discomfort and hot flushes in my neck and shoulders from MAV
i was wondering if instead of MAV causing it can my neck pain be causing the MAV? Which way round is it?
What can I do?


I had bad neck pain, mine was chronic aching, burning, throbbing and tight muscles in neck and across shoulder tops. I believe it can be a sign of MAV. I also wonder if it’s a response to the head/brain feeling off balance that the muscles of the neck tighten. I think the MAV causes or worsens neck pain anyway. I started taking nortriptyline and it really helped mine. I believe some of the tricyclic antidepressants can relieve neuropathic and musculo-skeletal pain x


Search neck or neck pain in the top right search bar. There’s tonnes of posts on this you may find useful.