Neck/shoulder problem and MAV returning

quick resume - had MAV since 2012 and been on nort since May 2012 and done really well - take 40mg a day and symptoms have been 90-100% most days. Seem most effected by hormones. Go forward few months to today, and for last 2 weeks or so experienced shoulder ache/knotted muscles in base of neck/shoulder only on right hand side etc, and MAV has started to come back, daily.

Could it be that this shoulder/neck problem is causing the MAV to ramp up? If so, what can i do about it? havent changed lifestyle at all so can only put the appearance of MAV down to this problem with my neck/shoulders - is that feasible? It seems when the neck/shoulder is worse, so is the MAV.

Going to get a shoulder/neck massage - is this likely to help? Anything else i can do?
Has anyone else suffered a recurrence of MAV due to aa physical shoulder/neck problem?


No, but i do notice my neck is always more stiff and painful when my symptoms are worse.

There is a real “chicken and egg” issue at work here in my view. For some people, the neck problems are the genesis of the other symptoms, i.e., there is some structural issue with the neck that impinges on the flow of information from and to the brain that creates balance and proprioception issues. For others, there are balance issues that exist and the extra energy and effort required of the neck and surrounding muscles to keep the head “in balance” results in greater sensations of pain and stiffness in the neck.

Part of the key in my view is figuring out which begets which.


ah thanks - not had the neck problems before so i think in my case it is the shoulder/neck that is causing the increase in MAV symptoms.

My vertigo is not very frequent now, but the only times it comes back is when i do sports or movements that will make my neck/upper body tight. I then have vertigo and migraines until i visit my osteopath or physiotherapist who practices manual therapy. I only have vertigo in these cases so to me it’s not chicken/egg… it’s clearly the muscle tightness due to effort that will trigger the episodes i have now.

being in a position for a long time (like sitting in an unconfortable chair, using my lap top for too long or going to a concert or a conference and not facing the stage will also trigger it. I realized the more i walk and doing smooth movements, the less i have migraines and vertigo.

Well said Andy,

I believe for me it started with the neck as confirmed by a recent MRI and compared to the one I had two years ago.

I’m thinking that the degeneration and severe stenosis of C7, which is new from the comparison, is what started my migraine/vertigo issues a year and a half ago. I’m even visualizing that my spinal cord was tapped at that point, explaining to me the one-and-only severe headache migraine followed by the 24/7 onset of vertigo and concluding that as time went on my body got used to the protrusion and the symptoms got milder; this is my understanding rather than a medical explanation. I even suspect that the root canal I had around that time was unnecessary since the dentists could not really find anything other than a cracked tooth, which would have required just a crown; but the pain I had on that side of my lower jaw was persistent enough to convince me.

I am getting the injection to reduce inflammation, I still want to get information on surgical options (especially micro surgery). Nonetheless, I don’t understand how any issues in C5-7 (so low in the neck) may be connected to light, motion, noise, and visual sensitivity (my greatest triggers). Though the picture of the MRI makes things quite clear, this is the one thing that still has me doubting.

Be well:),


Update! Have since had three epidural injections (steroid to lower inflammation) in my C7 and they’ve made a huge difference. The neck and arm pain as well as the tingling finger are all gone. Still a dizzy when exposed to bright lights, noise, or motion, but feeling overall much better. And I don’t think I need to stay away from Dr. Bs foods, other than the four Cs.

Still taking vitamins and 5mg. of propranalol as needed, it really helps when I start feeling fullness in my brain. And also 4mg. tizanidine and half a sleeping pill nightly to help relax my muscles and knock me out.

Have a great weekend, y’all :smiley: !

You should check with a physical therapist. There are 2 muscles that run down the back of your neck. They contribute to migraines and dizziness as well. I have been going to a PT for over 2 months now and just a few weeks ago she came across this doing some research into my problem as traditional vestibular rehab was not doing much for me. She has begun massaging these muscles and has done so 3 times now. I go twice a week. After the third time I was good for 2.5 days before the dizzies came back. She is hoping with a few more treatments I will be fine. Each time she does it - it is taking longer and longer before it comes back. I have done a little research as well trying to find out how I can do it myself - Massage Therapy for Tension Headaches - and am going to try it as well.