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Hi all,

I’m newly diagnosed with VM. Because of appointment scheduling, I won’t be able to start any medications until the week before I go on vacation–earliest. My vacation includes a week long backpacking trip in the wilderness, as well as a week of touring around. I definitely don’t want to start a new med right before this trip, but, other than diet/Mg supplement stuff, can anyone recommend anything that might be helpful for self-treating while on vacation and/or backpacking. I always get sick on vacation…and it has ended a few trips prematurely (had no idea what was wrong at the time tho…I do now). I am scouring through the old posts…but it is a lot of info to get through (especially when computers cause problems for me…working on that issue with help from the info on the forum–thanks). Thanks in advance…

Hi there ,

Sorry you have to join is fellow dizzys but welcome!
My post are never long but I try and answer as many as possible in between looking after my 2 & 3 year old toddlers!
My best advice to you is to start the migraine diet now, you never know you may get to feel better before your hike, some people get loads of benefit from the diet others not so but either way we all plug away at it.
I am a patient of Dr S in London, his diet is the following.

Avoid the 6 C’s

Chianti & ALL other alcohol
Cheese & all dairy products
Chocolate & any product containing it!
Citrus fruits & their drinks
Chinese food & all other food containing MSG

Hope this helps! X

Sorry, meant to say you could also try ‘keeping each day the same’ so going to bed & waking up at the same time everyday, and eliminating stress (easier said than done!) x

Caffeine is a biggy!

Thanks–good idea. I have already cut some things (caffeine esp.)…unfortunately I have various other dietary restrictions (IBS, vegetarian (i hate meat–picky eater)) that makes it hard for me to completely cut all those things without having really unbalanced nutrition…but I can do a lot of them. I guess it will be really hard to follow a strict diet once on vacation. Sometimes I wish I were photosynthetic and didn’t have to eat!! Stress is hard with my job…keep hoping i win the lottery.

Yes that is more restrictive, hard mmm and eggs arent recommended either. I hope you like potatoes, rice & lentils! :slight_smile: btw your ibs may have a link to your migraine. Just so you know x

Get your doc to prescribe some valium for your trip too - life saver!