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Need advice

Hi all
I hope you are all doing well… i need for advise since i cant think clearly with this
I went to a hearing and balance clinic ( flew to another near by country to do the test . Since where i live dont have those tests at all

According to the doctor i have to do several balance tests to get a full correct diagnose since i have been to a lot of doctors and non of them have done these test to check my vestibular systems
I have done the normal hearing test and one posturography in my first attack back in july but when in my second attack which was on September no test have been done
I am worried and anxious
The test is extremely expensive and will be paying from my savings , my only worry is that the doctor will not be able to diagnose me correctly or i will have a different series illness
Ahhh , just bubbling sorry about that i will be doing the following test and any advise will appreciate it
Vng test
Caloric test
Vemp test
Echo chg test
Trv test
The doctor said that he can not diagnose properly with out doing those tests
My previous doctors diagnosis :
Vestibular neuritis attacked gain or failed to compensate after two months of free symptoms
Vestibular migraine
Cervicel vertigo
And the last one is derealization disorder
AAAHhhh so annoyed by the guessing game

sorry to hear, i think most of us went through all the testing and yes, it is super expensive. I think you should just go through them for piece of mind. What does this doctor suspect that you have though? My neuro told me she agreed with my self diagnosis of vestibular migraine but she wanted to confirm nothing else was going on with the tests, so it was an exclussion approach.
In any case, a lot of your diagnosis are treated similarly, and take a fair ammount of time to get controlled.

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He roled out migraine saying i dont have the symptoms :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: he did not give me a diagnosis until testing is done
He is neuro ontog consultunt And he said to have an accurate diagnosis i have to do the tests first

If you have something wrong with your ear you will find consistent results among all your tests… VEMP, VNG. ECoG, VHIT will also show results which will cluster. If things are all over the map then it confirms migraine. I would still do all the tests. Those are the only ways to rule out PLF, SCDS and other ear injuries.


I did all the tests which showed nothing unusual, but it ruled out various inner ear disorders.

Eventually I was diagnosed with migraine variant balance disorder.

Good luck!

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I think the caloric VNG is probably most important for vestibular, but honestly I’d do whatever tests the doctor advises. As much as I get frustrated with the docs, they are the best chance we have at getting better.

After all my tests came back normal–ish, my ENT doc was open to the possibility of migraine, but didn’t know much about it or how to treat it for dizziness. So if the hearing/balance tests come up normal and the and the hearing/balance doc has an opinion that it’s not migraine don’t worry about it, you will still want to go to a Neurologist who treats migraine patients.

As for derealization disorder, yeah that disorder comes for free with MAV. :grinning:

I totally agree with @ander454 the derealisation is a massive part of mav! So take it part n parcel :grimacing: