Need questions answered about propranolo


I’m suppose to start propranolo tonight before bed. I have MAV and the ENT otologist thinks the prop could help. Do anyone who is on it or taken found that it helped your dizziness? I can’t find anything online about it helping this only thing is about migraines itself. I’m suppose to start 10mgs which I know is low but I think I will cut it down to 5mgs coz I’m worried about it lowering blood pressure coz mine is 110/68 so to me it’s already low. Could you please tell me your experience with it. Do you take it everyday? What side effects? Thsnks


It didn’t help with my dizziness, in fact it didn’t help me at all.

I don’t believe it’s a vestibular suppressant, so aside from possibly being able to take the edge of anxiety, I don’t think it would directly confront dizziness.

Is your dizziness episodic? Then maybe you could supplement with occasionally take a suppressant too. If constant and annoying you could consider the tricyclics but perhaps you’ve been down that road?

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