Need some help guys!

Hello fellow dizzy mates,

I have a quick question and/or poll for all of the experts out there! I do not use that word loosely…I consider this group as more of an expert than the majority of the physicians that are treating us :smiley:

First, I can reflect on two (2) scenarios which are giving me hope as I continue my quest to try and feel better:

  1. I have a migraine diagnosis from one of the premier physicians in the world…Dr. Robert Baloh.

  2. I have a local neurolist who studied under Dr. Baloh that is , essentially , letting me be part of the decision process in terms of choosing different medications.

  • Dr. Baloh has started me on Celexa/Citalopram (@ 60 mg) for some time now. (at least 6 - 8 weeks) No noticeable changes yet.

  • My local physician has augmented my Celexa with Imapramine taken at bed time. I have been on the highest dose possible (8 tablets) at nighttime for approximately 3 weeks. No noticeable changes yet.

Assuming that I continue to not feel any relief from these medications, could I get some suggestions as to what you all think would be the next best medicine to inform my Neurologist that I would like to try?

I understand that everyone is different , and some medications might work better than others…but what would you guys suggest???

Thanks! Your dizzy (but still fighting!) friend, Todd :smiley:

Hi Todd,
have you considered an anticonvulsant such as Topamax? There are many many members here that have good results with this drug or similar anticonvulsants. Also, how about a calcium channel blocker like Verapamil or a Beta Blocker? - Lisa

Thanks Zoo,

Any idea on the maximum dosage I am supposed to take with the meds that you mentioned?

I am not going to f### around with small dosages anymore :lol:

Thanks for any info. you can provide…seems you and I are battling a similar affliction.

How are you doing? Making any headway?

Your friend, Todd

Hi Todd,
I am still on Nortriptyline with some sucess but stil not perfect. In early February I was on Depakote for 5 weeks and was feeling quite good on it but I stopped due to major concerns about weight gain and hair changes (my hair texture was already changing in that short amount of time - I was freaking out about going bald!). I started Topamax two weeks ago at 15mg - soon to titrate to 25mg. I have looked over Dr. Hain’s website and he says that a few people achieve success on Topamax at 25mg, while most people need to be in the range of 50-100mg. From what I have heard from others this is a med that you don’t want to titrate too quickly on. I cannot take calcium channel blockers or beta blockers because I naturally have very low blood pressure. Others on this site may know more about the dosages of these drugs - Lisa

Hey Todd,

I take 50mg of metoprolol (Lopressor, a beta blocker) in the morning and the evening. It did however take about 3 months to really feel the improvement, so might not be a drug for the impatient :slight_smile:

Hi Todd
I’m so sorry you’ve had no noticeable changes after this amount of time. If it were me, I’d be thinking about either 1) switching antidepressants, 2) switching to another family of meds (I liked the other members’ suggestions), 3) adding in a tiny dose of klonopin. It may be that your med combo is just not the appropriate chemical strategy for you.

I take topamax and it’s worked wonders for me at no more than 75mg. We do have some topamax success stories here on the forum (as well as the horror stories). I’m in a place now that I’m doing much better with a topamax/klonopin combo. But it does not take much klonopin to see results - the stuff is great for anxiety and dizziness at even just .25mg. or .125mg flakes of it. Switching gears may jumpstart your brain chemistry into better submission.

Thanks guys,

Is Klonopin the same as Xanax/Alprazolam?

I have been on Xanax for some time…with intermittent relief.

However, my doctor (Baloh) wants me to wean off of it as he feels it is suppressing my brain function and not giving my brain “true signals” to truly compensate from this. (I know that was wordy…does that make sense?)

Thanks again for any ideas/suggestions.


I’ve had good results with Topamax, but didn’t really get the daily dizziness resolved until after 3 months at 100 mg, and I had to work my way up to that dose - so it actually took longer than 3 months. (I’m on a little more than 100 now, but that’s another story having to do with female hormones, so I won’t get into that here.)

Were you given a time frame for the med you’re on now? Maybe all meds - no matter what class - need a few months before they really start to work on this MAV beast?

I will say that the severe dizzy spells - the need to hold onto something to walk straight kind - did stop early on when I started taking Topamax. But the daily wobbliness and head movement induced dizziness took a lot longer.

Man when I read these post about meds, I getting really excited abourt maybe finding the right one for myself!!! BUT I am SCARED TO DEATH to trys meds, I am a med phobic to start with!!! but i need to be better

I hear what you are saying lildonnajo,

However, to paraphrase from one of my favorite movies of all time “Shawshenk Redempion”…“Get busy living…or get busy dying”

(You probably had to see the movie or that saying isn’t as powerful) :lol:

If you are like me, you are at the point where you would chew garbage tainted gum and gargle with gasoline if a doc told you it would clear this stuff up!

Good luck and keep us posted!