Nerivio remote electrical neuromodulator

I got a new toy. I own a Cefaly and have tried the Vagus Nerve Stimulator. Cefaly is essentially a TENS unit to numb the trigeminal nerve. Good toy. Helpful. I wasn’t impressed with the VNS.

My new toy is a remote electrical neuromodulator. Fancy. It’s a stimulator placed on the upper arm. It sends electrical pulses (read pain) up the arm and into the brain. It activates the pathways for natural pain reduction (hormones).

You use it every other day. I’m a month in and I like it. I have global chronic pain in addition to MAV. When I’m using the device as a migraine preventative I find the rest of my pain calms, too.

Recently US FDA approved. $89/month. I refilled without hesitation.

Just a thought for your non pharmaceutical toolkit. Not cheap. But I like it.