Neurological-type symptoms when falling asleep

Does anyone else get odd neurological symptoms, like body/head tensing/jerks when they are trying to fall asleep? Or is it just me?

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I quite often get hypnic jerks when I’m about to fall asleep. You know the kind of sudden falling feeling as you are on the edge of sleep where you jump and wake up with your heart racing. I think everyone gets them occasionally but since I got MAV I have them more regularly and occasionally I can have one after another so it takes me a couple of hours to get to sleep…horrible! x

Yes I have had this I think they call it periodic limb movement, occurs when your asleep as well but you don’t realise cos your asleep. I get it in my hands and arms, whole body and head. I had a drastic reduction in these symptoms when I stopped all caffeine and chocolate. I harldy get it now at all.

I think this is common even among non-migraineurs. I often wake with a start and a rush of adrenaline about 15 minutes after falling asleep; in the past this would always happen with a dream of slipping on wet leaves, my feet flying up in front of me. I now have a phobia of wet leaves on pavement… I walk on them, if I have to, like eggshells!

LOTS of weird things happen in the twilight between sleep and waking… there’s even something called “exploding head syndrome”… I’m not kidding!

I used to get it before I had even gone to sleep when I was just sat at rest or lying down mainly usually in my hands or arms. I know what you mean though I have also had the jumpy dream thingy, mine is just after I have gone to sleep I dream I have fallen off a cliff and then AH! Jump awake, I think this is a hypnic jerk. When I got migraine I had this over and over again before I had even got into a sleep enough to dream. I was awake for 4 days and got zolpidem off the GP in the end because I was so exhausted.

Lol…now looking up exploding head syndrome! :smiley:

I feel like I have exploding head syndrome most of the time anyway :wink:

I couldn’t believe it. Really thought it a joke when I read in yesterday’s Daily Mail of Exploding Head Syndrome but it’s mentioned in many old threads on here. Apparently according to Dr Andrew Dowson headache specialist at Kings it could well be migraine related.

‘being jolted awake by a loud bang in your head is a sign of exploding head syndrome (EHS)’

I am sure the experience would be no laughing matter but it’s a strange sounding handle to give it all the same. I think I can recall current members discussing similar experiences under a different name which I currently cannot recall. Any takers? Helen

I’ve twice in my life had the experience of being jolted awake by a bright flash of light (illuminating the entire room), accompanied by a loud bang. Initially you assume a bulb has shattered, but it hasn’t. The first time it happened was around the time my VM first flared up, 12 years ago. The second time was last year, around the time I had my second big flare-up of VM. I’m not sure if it’s a rare sort-of aura. Very disconcerting experience.

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I know a lot of people experience that jolt back awake whilst nodding off to sleep. But what you had certainly sounds much more condition related. I expect Dr Dowson would give you an EHS diagnosis. You’d be able to add it to your diagnosis collection😄 which I cynically suspect is about as much good as it would be likely to do you😉.

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I am very anxious when trying to fall asleep and sometimes realize how tense my body is and try to relax. I have insomnia, so it usually takes me a while to fall asleep, but then I get the hypnic jerks. It also has a few other names. I will post a link below. I’ve had these for a couple of years and way before I got VM/BPPV. I don’t think anyone knows what causes them, but they can be very scary.

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I have this problem badly, havn’t slept properly in about a year now. but i have narrowed it down to chocolate. Do not eat chocolate at all if you have hypnic jerks or migraines. Migraines and hypnic jerks are tied together. I suspect phenylethylamine is the culprit, Hopefully this comment helps someone.
Edit, phenylethylamine is also in some anti-depressants.

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