Neurologist appt. Wednesday, hoping to trial some meds

Hi everyone, I am seeing a neurologist this Wednesday, I have waited a couple weeks to get in and Im hoping to trial some meds and see what he thinks. Im still unsure if I ever had Labyrthitus or if it was MAV the whole time but with my history of headaches and also identifying some triggers as being caffeine, and too much sleep/not enough, sensitivity to sunlight etc. I think its safe to assume MAV. I have also been ok maybe %85 until I go into crowded place…then all hell breaks loose, Im spinning, rocking, and cant track things visually as well, is that typical of MAV? Its crazy because sometimes Ill be having a “good” day and the stores set me right back to the bottom :frowning: I tried starting Celexa for my anxiousness etc but it seemed to make me more anxious yet tired at the same time…very weird. I just took it one day and Im not sure I want to try another SSRI or what? Im hoping this neurologist knows about MAV…do most neurologist pretty much know this stuff? Im just so nervous that after waiting this long to see him he will send me right back to my ENT, who told me to “wait it out” in the beginning.

Keep in mind that starting an SSRI will likely increase your anxiety for a bit until you get it in your system. It sure did for me when I started Celexa. If you can take a benzo for the first few weeks to help with the starting side effects, that is helpful. I had increased anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. It was not fun, but I kept with it and it took about 6 weeks for the dizziness to go away.

To answer your question, yes, a neurologist should be able to help you with migraine issues. But NO, not all know about MAV, unfortunately. You may have to trial a few meds before you find the one that works for you.

However, I would say if anxiety is one of your biggest issues along with the dizziness, you should stick with the Celexa or try an SSRI, because then you are helping the anxiety along with hopefully knocking out the dizziness as well.

Just remember that ramping up on these meds can be hard, but you have to stick it out for a few weeks to know if it will work or not. Go slow. What dose did you start at? I started at 2.5 mg, went up to 5 mg, then 10 mg, then 15 mg, then finally 20 mg over the course of one month. It did help to take it low and slow.

Good luck and hang in there!! Ask for ativan or klonopin to help with the anxiety and/or insomnia you might encounter when starting a new SSRI.


I would say the same as Anne and you need to give any drug a try for a while to give it time to settle down in your system, at least two weeks in my own experience.

You could also consider a beta-blocker like propranolol, as this will help with anxiety as well as the migraine.

When you start an SSRI, it will take a good two to three weeks before you notice anything.

Propanolol would also be a good start. I had a migraine today on it for the first time in three weeks since I started it, compared to when I was getting them every other day beforehand. Definitely a med to consider

best of luck to you!!!

Thank you all so much. I will ask the doctor tomorrow what he suggests and let him know I have Celexa at home. Im wondering if Celexa would help with my vision issues as well( not able to focus right, sometimes blurry visioned) I really hope this neuro will know about this, it has been 6 weeks of hell since this all started.

Don’t be surprised if your neurologist is NOT knowledgeable about MAV, but hopefully he or she will know enough about migraine to get you started.

I once attended a public presentation by our local headache/migraine specialist, and even he seemed uninterested in the idea of dizziness associated with migraine.

Good luck!


I saw a general practioner about 15 yrs. ago and asked if my dizziness could be migraine related and he brushed it off. My current M.D. mentioned it is an actual condition (dizziness instead of the headache) I wish more Drs. were informed of this. I feel like sometimes the patient could diagnose better than an M.D.! My next step will be to a neurologist to see if he/she would give me more options on meds to take. Best of luck to you! I really hope the Dr. could get a handle on this for you.