New, almost-daily head pain!

I’ve been experiencing increasing bouts with head pain since right before Christmas. I’ve not been keeping close watch on barometric changes lately, but am aware of the really wonky weather we’ve had here in the midwest. It wasn’t until I began waking with migraine and going to bed with them about 2 weeks ago, that I put in a call to my neurologist. At first, we tried dose changes with my Ritalin (which has been controlling the dizziness fairly well) but only found that if we eliminated the afternoon dose, I was getting dizzy by mid-afternoon. Then there was the suspicion that my Trazodone (my sleeper for last 5 yrs) might be the culprit. So the decision was made to try me out on tri-cyclics. After a week, the side-effects were too bad to consider forcing the issue there so I’m back to my Trazodone.

Ironically, today I have no head-pain. Neuro’s nurse called to check on me and set a tentative appointment for February 15th, per doc. We (nurse and I) discussed the erratic weather we’ve had, her increased call-ins from migraine patients… so now I’m keeping a journal of not just the migraines but recording the weather (including barometric readings).