New - and VEMP?

I’m new at this forum – I’ve been reading a lot, but never ever posted before. I am so happy that this forum exists, thank you everyone!
I’m a 37 year old woman from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been ill since april 2010 and in August I was finally diagnosed with MAV. I am dizzy 24/7, experience frequent episodes of rotational vertigo, have neck- and headaches, tinnitus and feel exhausted almost all the time. I am married, have 3 small children, work as a researcher at the university – all in all I led a pretty good life until this kicked in. I am not able to work and I do have a hard time taking care of my children. I used to be so happy and very outgoing, at the moment I feel sad, I cry a lot, am pretty house bound and I’m having a hard time believing that this will ever get any better. 2 weeks ago I started nortriptyline 10 mg, but it makes me very tired (and that triggers my dizziness) but worstly: I’ve had some severe headaches so I might quit it and go on to another med.

My question to you guys regards the VEMP-test. As I believe a lot of you have done, I do from time to time doubt that I suffer from MAV since I’ve no history of migraine – however, I know that this is not a defining criteria. I’ve had 3 VEMP tests done, and every time on my left ear the result is a low threshold and a strong and increased reaction (a big wave). In the literature I read that such a response is typical for a dehiscence but since I have no other symptoms of dehiscence I am told that it is migraine, not a dehiscence. Also, the 3 VEMP tests do not show the exact same pattern every time, the amplitude is always increased and the threshold is always low – but not to the same degree (I know that the VEMP is crude, but interestingly the time I felt best when tested the amplitude and threshold were not as abnormal as when I was tested and had a very rough time). I’m told that such a variation is typical for MAV, not dehiscence. Have any of you had abnormal VEMP results – have they been varying and have they also shown a big wave?

Thanks for reading, hope that someone will answer….


Dear Christina, sorry things are so rough. My MAV started when I was 45 and like you I had not had conventional migraine at all before this. I am not sure what the vemp tests are. I know I had rotational and caloric at the National Neuro hospital which came back negative. I think you know when it is MAV. I’m sure someone here will be able to advise you. There are scores of meds to try and of course the diet and exercise which might help so don’t despair.

i was doing some research and read on a VEMP test as well. I scheduled an ENG test and asked about a VEMP as well and the Dr’s receptionist had no clue what I was talking about…maybe in the US a VEMP is an ENG???

HI Christina,

Welcome - but sorry you have to be here if you know what I mean :smiley:

Have you checked out the MAV survival guide on the site It’s a really good overview of medications, symptoms and lifestyle changes that we can try to improve things.

If you love tea/coffee as much as most Danes I met then giving up the caffeine will be a tough one :lol:

I haven’t had a VEMP test… VEMP testing -- vestibular evoked myogenic potential as there wasn’t any confusion over my diagnosis

Just chiming in 9 years later :slight_smile:
I live the the US and VNG and VEMP are two different tests. I’ve had 2 VNGs myself.