New blog

Hello my friends,
Check out my new blog if you have some down time =0)


Hope everyone is well!!!


Great stuff Lisa!

Was thinking you could add a
after MAV so the Migraine Associated Vertigo bit is on one line.

Scott :smiley:

Hi Lisa

How are you? any better? I hope so.

Your blog is great. You look lovely!


Sure Scott will do when I get to my Mobile pc tonight!!! I cant edif things from my phone. At Work now :slight_smile:

Hi Jem! Thanks for reading doing better …:slight_smile: hope to feelbetter every dsy! X


Could u pm me on how to do the.html Im rather new to this…thanx

Hi Lisa – my inbox here is a cluttered mess that I have to fix up. Better if you send me an email.


Hey Scott,
I sent u an email last week, did u get it??

Hope u r well!

Wow! Great to see you are working! That’s amazing - i can’t wait to be able to go back to work. In absolute zombie, imbalanced hell right now! Amitriptyline is not helping yet!

=0) yes I am working and I am so glad to finally be back! I was off from work for about 4 months… I was very sick. Sometimes the meds take a very long time to work… hang in there!!


hey lisa, how are things going now? are you still on the paxil? how is that working for you?

Hello, things are going well… I have good days… some bad…mostly good =) I feel as though my period has alot to do with my flare ups. I am still on the paxil… it helps alot! How r you?! :wink:

glad to hear the paxil is helping also! I have tried 2 ssris (prozac and lexapro) and they both made me feel 100 times worse- it sux bc i really need to be on an ssri to cope this this crap- i have tried 2 tryclics and cymbalta and neither help my mood at all. i am suffering through a lyrica trial now- it is frustrating and confusing bc at random moments during the day it seems to help my balance and at others it doesn’t…ugh…i think if this doesnt work it will be a calcium channel blocker next. i am so exhausted i have been trialing meds for 2 years now and cant find anything to help with my balance which is terrible…ugh.

did you mention if you have any trouble with your balance/walking? if you do, has topa helped with this? was this the first med you tried?


At first, yes I did have problems with balance. I felt so off centered all the time… like I was on a boat… rocking and swaying on the time. Topa has def helped with this & yes I hit the jack pot… it was the first med I tried… it was a long hard road… but in the end it was worth it =) It must be so horrible to have tried all those meds and still have probs with ur balance… hang in there. .it does get better… i can tell you this … it gets alot worse with topamax first b4 its gets better… I think our brains dont know how to handle the drug at first and then it kinda says …ok yah I do need you …lol


you are one lucky girl to find such success with your first med!!! i hope things keep getting better and better for you and keep us updated!!!