New Book on Vestibular Migraine

New book available on Vestibular Migraine.

Looks like it has received some good reviews.

Anyone read it? Thoughts?

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“Vestibular Migraine”
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Oooh! This must be the first book specifically about VM? Interested!

Well, never knew such an animal existed. What a turn up for the books as they say. Good reviews with fascinating comments from sufferers who’ve read it. I remember reading somewhere that most VM sufferers would need somebody else to read/study any paperwork on their behalf because of the effects of the condition. At the time that made me think ‘Wow, that’s some condition to have’. Most probably true for many. I couldn’t look at any screen for months and months at a stretch and reading a book was definitely out, often for more than one reason at a time. Could prove a useful information source. Its very existence is a positive step. Helen

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Helen, there are already a couple of other books on the subject listed in the Recommended Products section, but they are pricey and not that well reviewed (but included because of their relevance).

I’ve always been a book worm, devoured a
Book in days & already has the next one in line to read …now reading is a no for me & indeed had to ask my husband to read the package of information they gave me at my first neurotologist appt.

I miss reading so much, tried the audible app but it’s not the same, at least not for me but maybe I’ll try that option if available for this book

Vigs (@GetBetter) is reading it. I just finished. I didn’t learn much, but I really appreciate the author bringing light to the issue. I thought the discussion on symptoms and related issues was thin. He kept calling VM new, but he meant as a recognized diagnosis. His history of the disorder was thin. The problem really is that except for anecdotal accounts, such as we have here on mvertigo, actual information about VM - it’s cause, symptoms, treatment, research - is really lacking. I think many of us on the forum have written more about MAV than there are words in this book.

Still, I’m glad I bought the book. We as a community need to support interest in Vestibular Migraine any way we can.


Thanks for the feedback Emily, much appreciated!

And PS, by buying the book via the link, the site gets a small kickback which helps with costs. Appreciate that too, many thanks!


You’re welcome. I’m always happy to support mvertigo!


It is never the less a good collection of relevant information useful for newbies. If you have scavenged the internet like I have you wont find anything new.


If it was me, I would have interspersed case histories and expert interviews throughout. I don’t want to read 98% of a book before I hear from other MAVericks. And, the four of those were really depressing and short. VM sucks, but life doesn’t have to.


Actually I was more interested in his own story and he did not even mention his own medication. Looks like his condition eventually burnt out which is a silver lining though he had it bad for over a decade.