New, can someone help me Please


I am hoping you can help. I’m 48 and have been having trouble for about 2 yrs. I was recently told i have BPPV and had 2 eplys done in the past 6 weeks, my MRI said no tumors or MS. But in the past week my dizziness had increased to a point of just sitting here typing I’m feeling lightheaded like I might fall forward. My dizziness feels like I’m swaying not like I’m spinning. My dizziness is almost daily for the past 6 to 8 months, I get a fews days off here and there. I’ve noticed in the paset week that the attacks are more defined, I can be sitting and suddenly I will feel like I’m swaying, then I will get head pain in the top of my head, my forehead and sinus’s will ache, my neck hurts all the time, also sometimes my legs will feel weak, and I’m starting to get nausea wth it, I’m wondering for this sounds like MAV? My neuro otologist that did my eply thinks I may have MAV. I’ve noticed when I take my xanax it will be a bit be4tter for a few hours. I’m also going thru perimenopause and it seems this has made it worse. I am going to make an appt with a neurologist next week. Does this sound like MAV or am I just having anxiety?

Thanks for your help

i’m new to the MaV board so i’ll let the experts talk to you but your symptoms sound so much like mine. i’m in menopause - post menopause really and i have very few good days any more at least for the past two straight months but i’ve been sick off and on for 30 years. I’ve been diagnosed with everything from labrynthitis, BPPV, meniere’s off and on, to possible MaV now oh and anxiety disorder.

i hope you get some answers and some help soon. when you mention feeling like you are falling forward you described me to a tee - as a matter of fact my posture has gotten so bad cuz of my illness i’m always all slumped over forward. driving is awful when i’m this sick too.

hope you get some help here and with doctors of course. great forum


Hey there,
Yes, those symptoms sound very much like many here on the board. The good news is that it can be helped, and sometimes greatly, by medications. Migraine and anxiety run hand in hand, along with depression. I have one doctor who thinks all my stuff comes from anxiety, and another doc who thinks it’s most likely MAV. The bad thing is they can’t take some blood and go “yep! it’s MAV alright”…it’s basically a diagnosis of exemption…once they rule out anything else, you’re left with it.
The brain chemistry stuff comes into play no matter what …if it 's anxiety, depression…migraine…whatever…it’s a chemical imbalance, so the trick is to find a med that will most likely benefit you, with tolerable side effect profile. A good doctor will help you manage your meds.
In the meantime, the book HEal Your Headache, by David Buchholz was a favorite of mine…very informative…and keep in mind, I never had anything related to “Migraine” as I thought it was before my dizziness kicked in 2 years ago. I’m doing much better on meds. I take Cymbalta and Klonapin, and it’s almost gone…