New Diagnosis of Vestibular Migraine and PPPD Help!

Hi all, my wife has been diagnosed with vestibular migraine and PPPD which occurred about about 3 months after mild concussion. Her symptoms are “occasional swaying feeling, head pressure and stiffness in her body”. Her anxiety is through the roof and shes just statted Venlafaxine and magnesium and vit b2. The stiffness maybe health anxiety I dont know.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to people?

Concussions can cause post concussion syndrome so i’d want to make sure it wasn’t that before assuming any other conditions. I presume she’s been diagnosed by a neurologist? Her symptoms can be part of lots of different conditions which is why it’s difficult to diagnose. Any condition that causes dizziness can cause anxiety.

Those symptoms listed on the website can also be true of migraines or other conditions though.

My vestibular migraine includes symptoms such as head pressure, severe dizziness, mood changes, temperature changes, tender skin, upset stomach, nausea, light sensitivity and noise sensitivity. You don’t need to have all those symptoms to have vestibular migraine, it’s different from person to person, as is successful treatment.

Any dizziness is very worrying for the person suffering from it. I hope your wife begins to feel better soon. After a concussion it’s important to get rest.