New Diagnosis

Hi there,

I recently went to a headache specialist and he diagnosed me with New Daily Persistent Headache. I told him my Neuro diagnosed me with Migraine and about my dizzy symptoms but he thinks that this is what I have. He thinks that maybe Labs has been causing the dizzy symptoms. I’m confused now because Dr. Buchholz from " Heal Your Headache " says that all headaches other than cluster are Migraine. Anyways I do have an appointment for another Neuro for a millionth opinion and the treatment for NDPH is the same as Migraine so I’m trying another med and I will see what happens.


Hi Steve,

I’m puzzled as to why he would not suspect MAV when you have so much migraine activity occurring. On what basis did he say Labs? Did he give you any reasoning? I hate to see you wasting your time on these endless neuro visits. I wonder if you can find one who we know has an undersatnding of MAV – or at least that dizziness is the most common symptom of migraine second only to headache. It’s like he just missed seeing the Titanic float past. But then I’m not a trained neurologist so have to ask why he said labs.

In the meantime can you not follow his recommendations for treating migraine? Even if he fails to recognise the dizziness, if you make the lifestyle adjustments and trial a med (or three), the dizziness should go or at least be substantially reduced.

Best … Scott

Hi Scott,

I agree with you that it is strange that this Dr. did not suspect Migraine. When I asked him about MAV he said " what’s that ". The reason I saw him is because he is a certified pain specialist and performs botox for headaches. He is not a neurologist as you can tell and does not deal with dizziness. I have read about a lot of success people are getting from botox so I figured that I would give it a try. He also put me on Topamax.



The doctor that originally diagnosed me with MAV also diagnosed me with chronic daily headaches, and she explained that it is one of the varations of migraine under newer definitions. I personally would just consider it either part of the MAV diagnoses, or confirmation of the MAV.