New email from dr

Hi All,

I emailed hain yesterday. I updated him stating I was going to try increase the Verapamil again. He suggested trying effexor again! He said he could give me a med to offset the side effects of it. I was soooooooo sick on effexor. It started out as nausea, then dry heaving, then vomiting, no appetite, heartburn, migraine, heart racing, could not get out of bed and had the garbage can right beside me at all times. I cannot do that again. He is my dr, I am sticking with him but he has to realize that I have kids to take care of and cannot go that route again.

Ya know what…I am basically on my own, will get myself better one way or the other. My anxiety kicks in when I feel this way cause i feel no one can help me. It is time to face the facts, I pretty much got better on my own before. I will have to again. He said stress was the cause.

Don’t know when or if this ever ends…this mav. I know 3 people who have been symptom free for years in my area. I want to be one of them and won’t give up till i am!!! It just burned out, symptoms left. no explanation.


It is so hard to have this illness on top of all of our other responsibilities. Wish everything else would stop until we get better. I was just wondering why you said that your MAV just burned out. I recall you saying that Verapamil 120mg took lessened your symptoms. I’m still confused as to why he won’t just raise the dose of the verapamil (after you have the heart palpitations checked out) since it worked so well for you.


Hi. I meant the other people I know who suffered from this (from 1 to 2 years straight) symptoms just burned out. Two of the women I know did not even take meds. I know the one woman very well, she is my best friend’s mother. The other lady was a business accquaintance of hers. The third woman I know was introduced to me through a good friend. That particular woman still gets migraines but not the vertigo/dizziness anymore. I do not feel mine just burned out, I feel Verapamil did the trick along with diet, sleep routine, exercise. I do think time lessens this naturally as Hain said in Scott’s posts of the neurologists. But who can wait?

As for the method to their madness with med prescribing, I have no idea. My family dr insists since I had heart tests done in October of 2008, have no shortness of breath, no chest pain, etc. just occasional palpitations (that were checked out by a heart event monitor, ekg in 2008, and an echocardiogram prior to that some time ago) that no further testing is needed. I trust him. So that is why I am increasing the Verapamil again, one more try. Hain is all for that if palpitations do not occur from that. Hain just pushes effexor regardless. My family Dr. thinks the palpitations could have been related to my cycle (hormonal).

I think all this is such a challenge to get control of…so frustrating to say the least.

I hope you are feeling better each day. Congrats on the bundle of joy again! What a happy event during all of this.


Hi Nance,

I’m puzzled too at Hain’s use of Effexor. It suggests that it is hugely effective for MAV of course yet I don’t know anyone who has seen their symptoms laid to rest on it. Jenny had an initial good repsonse on it but it didn’t last and is now having a go with Pristiq. Not sure how that is playing out (similar meds). If Effexor was doing all of that to you, I cannot see how your body could adapt unless you started on a much lower dose. What was the dose you used last time? Personally, if he really thinks you need an antidepressant and you were willing to go there again, Celexa is where I’d be aiming.

You’re right about running your own show with this. We absolutely have to educate ourselves on this … get all the facts and then decide what action to take. It’s great to have a specialist watching over you to keep things objective and help to guide you but you ultimately have to decide what you can and cannot handle.

How’s the anxiety at the moment? Have you read Claire Weekes’ book on this? Very good information about acceptance and understanding how anxiety works and eventually burns out. I treat any anxiety like the mother-in-law being around and just ignoring the commetns. lol. Water off a duck’s back.

Scott 8)

Thanks for the clarification. I wish you all the best with whichever treatment you choose. As much as I would love this just to disappear, I know for me that is not happening. Overtime, my symptoms have progressed, and I feel like they will continue to do so until I am properly medicated. Trust me -I don’t love taking meds, and I am terribly sensitive. But, I desperately want my life back, and meds for me are the ONLY WAY to break this awful migraine cycle. This, sadly, isn’t just burning out for me. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.