New here and confused! Got questions

Hello. My name is kristy and I’m 36 years old. I will tell you what’s been going on with me for over a month.

I know there’s a lot of things that can make someone feel like they are walking on a boat, or a trampoline or feel like floor is moving underneath your feet. Like on an elevator as I call it. I’ve googled and hear it comes from the inner ear which could be fluid in middle ear, anxiety, sinuses, I’m not sure about bppv cause it all sounds like it’s spinning and same for labyrinthitis. And Mineres. And of course, this disorder. That’s why it’s so confusing and why I’m here cause I’ve been googling too much and have been having panic attacks cause I just want to trust my doctor. But I also want to ask questions about Mav.

I do get occasional migraines. Mainly when I’m overly tired or smoke too much, cigarettes that is and sometimes on my period. I’ve never gotten dizzy from them and never threw up. I
Always sleep them off. And they are never chronic. I’ve never had an aura either.

Well at the beginning of last month, I had just gotten out of the shower that night and felt fine. When I stepped out, I felt like I was on an elevator and everything looked like it was shaking I think. I felt unsteady which triggered my anxiety cause I started thinking the worse and thought it was a seizure. I have a fear of them and don’t know why. Soon as I laid down I
Got ok. I was thinking sinuses and so next morning I got up and felt ok. I noticed that when I would be sitting down, and lean head down to write, I would feel it. Nothing was spinning. I felt no dizziness at all. My head would feel some pressure also. During day wasn’t so bad, but at night taking a bath was pretty intense. Felt like the tub was an elevator. I think things still looked like they were shaking a little but I don’t really remember so
Don’t hold me to that. I got some mucinex at the store and felt fine in the stores. They don’t bother me. Larger spaces I feel it less, especially outside I barely feel it. And laying down I am fine. Small rooms, hard surfaces I can feel it much more. I don’t have problems in the car cause roads are bad here in nc. Motion doesn’t bother me, bright lights don’t. When I was taking tons of mucinex I didn’t feel it that much. Some days were good some days bad but when I stopped taking the mucinex I started feeling more pressure in my head and hard focusing eyes. No blurry vision. It was more like eye pressure. I’ve had this with sinus infection. Bending over, leaning over while standing makes me feel like I’m on a boat.

I had to wait almost a month to see a dr cause they were booked up so last week I saw my main dr who has a great reputation. Told her about my symptoms and at this time my anxiety was too the roof and was feeling dizzy headed and I’m not sure if it was coming from problem or anxiety. Probably both. She checked my ears with octoscope and said they were fine. She checked my lower sinuses and didn’t see an infection and said she was gonna treat this as a frontal sinus infection. She did a neurological test on me and that was normal. She said my balance was just fine and said that was a really good thing. I mentioned inner ear to her and she said ears were fine. I told her I was worried about it being bppv and she stopped me and said to stop reading stuff on Internet, that all of those are rare. She reassured me it is a sinus infection.

It’s been a week and last day of antibiotic. My head has felt somewhat better but I have some pressure still. I don’t feel dizzy headed that much unless I get a panic attack. The elevator feeling has not been as severe but still there. Sometimes my legs will feel heavy like someone is trying to push me forward but this isn’t every day. I don’t see anything moving. Just still feel the imbalance standing and when walking feels like a slight boat movement. And I’ve been up in the bed cause I don’t like walking feeling this way cause it will trigger anxiety. I have antivert that she prescribed me but can’t take it with Xanax. I know my anxiety isn’t helping me at all. I worry about it being an inner ear disorder and she’s misdiagnosing it and stress about next finding the cause and worry about it being a tumor. My blood work turned out good. When I lean over I feel it more and feels like I’m on boat. But standing and walking not so severe anymore but I still want to be fully rid if it.

I’m seeing my dr again Monday to get another round of antibiotics. And ask her more questions.

Does this sound like Mav? And if it, how long does symptoms last and what helps it.

Like I said, these symptoms are common to lots of things but I would like to know how Mav works. Why is it called a migraine and throwing people off their balAnce?

Thanks for reading my long story. I hope to get some replies!

Kristy, Just a quick comment. Every one of us on this board has questioned at some point whether a brain tumor was causing our symptoms. To my knowledge, no brain tumors have been found, and most have us have had an MRI. Hope that makes you feel better. Also, I wonder where most of us would be if we believed everything our GP told us. Most know very little about the vestibular system and will tell you it’s either anxiety, bppv or an ear infection. Occasionally one will throw Meniere’s out there. Keep doing your own research. You will soon know more about dizzy problems than your GP.

I heard only neurologist can really pin point Mav. And I
Doubt my dr would refer me to one. I read that vestibular migraines are diagnosed when everything else is ruled out.

If this is what I have, what triggered the boat feeling? Does it happen before and after a migraine and just stays with you for a while?