New Here, Cervical Vertigo?

Does anyone have any recent info or diagnosis of Cervical vertigo? I have been having neck pain with migraine and dizziness. I was seen by a balance ENT at Mass General and he thought I might be suffering g from Vedtibulsr migraine, snd after further reading snd research my triggers seem to be related to neck pain/strain.

Does anyone have any experience with this and any suggestions for treatment or docs?


I’ve looked into cervical dizziness myself as I have hypermobility. Tbh I found it a bit of a minefield, I’m in the UK but the sites i looked at were very much international. Several, many chiropractic sites were full of info on how to treat it, and my rather cynical side wondered if its be because its a good money spinner.

The medical sites were more cirumspect and some questioned whether cervical vertigo is even real. I’ve heard of permanent neck issues, even paralysis, being caused by over enthusiastic manipulation of the delicate neck vertebrae so just be cautious.

Neck problems are very common with VM/MAV. I think many of us have experienced it. Often we hold ourselves very rigidly and try and avoid too much head movement as it makes us more dizzy or unstable. This in turn leads to tense muscles and tight ligaments.

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Hi there :wave:
Boy do i have a lot to say about this topic-BUT that would be a book here. Lol. I definitely know what cervical vertigo or cervogenic dizziness is because i honestly think that is my problem along with migraines. I currently go to a neurologist and a sport medicine doctor for my headaches and my chronic neck pain. My sports medicine doctor believes in cervogenic dizziness and my neurologist has also acknowledged that the upper cervical spine can play a role with vestibular dysfunction.

I tried the chiropractor for over a year. They always tell you your spine is crooked. Dont believe them. Also aggressive manipulations of the delicate cervical spine are dangerous. Im not against chiropractors because i do believe they serve a purpose, but in my opinion and personal experience it caused worse problems for me with my neck. I think the chiropractor “over manipulated” my neck which made my neck feel very weak and like a bobble head.

I currently just do massage with cupping which is wonderfully helpful, trigger point injections in the muscles which is minimally invasive and im starting up PT again next week.

I have a history of degenerative disc disease, a mild bulging disc in C4-C5 and moderate bulging disc in C5-C6 and a lot of myofascial/nerve pain in my upper neck. It constantly burns and aches.

In my opinion as someone who has dealt with this neck pain and dizziness for roughly 5 years now. I’d suggest gentle, minimally invasive treatments.

Massage with cupping
Physical or Physio therapy
Traction or ultrasound of the cervical spine
Trigger point injections (ask your doctor)
See a Physical Medicine or Sports Medicine doctor and get imaging done- Xrays, MRI or CT scan

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