New here - discouraged with multiple vertigo conditions

Just saying hi, and that I’m so glad to have found this forum! I (61F) stared having vertigo spells a few years ago, and was diagnosed with both BPPV (ear crystals) and Menier’s. The BPPV is under control with vestibular therapy. I lost most of the hearing in my right ear due to the Meniere’s and have near constant tinnitus. I’ve had a couple of rounds of steroid injections; the first one helped for several months, but soon after the second, I began having more and more frequent episodes, lasting from a few minutes to many hours. They also seemed to be triggered by movement. Last week I went back to my ENT, who said these didn’t sound like Meniere’s, but Vestibular migraines, and is referring me to a neurologist. After researching, it seems that this diagnosis is spot on; also it is fairly common for these three conditions to coexist. I’m pretty discouraged right now, as I thought I had the Meniere’s under control, and now I have a new thing to deal with. I’m looking forward to finding some help and support in this forum. Thank you!


Hi, your story sounds very similar to mine and I was diagnosed recently with vestibular migraines as well as menieres on the basis that my vertigo varies in type. I find the search function on this site very good for finding information. Hope the appointment with your neurologist went well.


I understand how you feel I have been going through the unfriendly vertigo for the pass 10 years, it was very scary for me at the beginning but I changed my diet now which works out good for me healthwise and caused me to loose some weight and I must be honest too, the vertigo attacks has been less for the pass year…Yeah fast movement usually trigger mines…Especially at nights to make bathroom visits.

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