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New here- feeling dizzy and down

Hey everyone! i’ve been reading through posts for awhile and wanted to share my story/get some insight from others who have been dealing with this much longer.
I’m a 28 year old female from upstate NY. My first epsiodes of dizziness were few and far between- I would only get it after traveling (flying) so initially thought it was an ear/sinus/pressure issue. Then the episodes began happening closer together so I met with an ENT who gave me the diagnosis of vesitbular migraine. Since 2020 began i’ve had almost as many days dizzy as i’ve felt normal. I’ve tried eliminating caffeine from my life (missing coffee a lot!) as well as most of the other migraine triggers. In February I was started on Nortryptiline and quickly tapered up to 40mg (from reading other posts I feel like maybe increasing by 10mg once a week was too quick?). Since the 30mg bump I’ve felt constantly dizzy- now i’m getting the episodes with no motion trigger at all and only having one non-dizzy day between episodes. I feel frustrated that it seems like my episodes are more frequent with worse signs. I don’t know if my migraines are getting worse or if the medication is causing more issues than it is helping? My anxiety is also much worse which I know is not helping the matter but between the covid-19 madness and the dizziness I feel like I have no control :frowning:
Any advice or positive thoughts would be appreciated. I’m happy this group exists :slight_smile:

I was/am trialing nortriptyline. Seemed to be tolerating it fine and after a week of being at 75mg I was getting true vertigo spins and my balance was completely gone. I talked to my neurologist and we decided to go back down to 50mg nortriptyline and added 25mg topiramate. And I am MUCH better. Still have a lot of room for improvement and will work my way up on topiramate but the spinning stopped and my balance has improved.

Maybe you could talk to your doctor about going back down a dose? Hang in there. This stuff is not fun or easy but everyone on this site is amazing!

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I feel your situation dear
It is a horrible disease and Anixitiy or stress will make it Much worse
I had my last vertigo 20 months ago and since then my heavy head and dizziness is on and off but i am feeling much better at least my sight is back
When the vertigo attack hit me i was miserable bedridden and could not see clearly due to blurry vision
I had rocking sensation all the time and could not have a night sleep
But there is always with God help a light at the end of the tennel
We are human beings strong and confident in nature and it is our nature that keeps us moving
I changed alot the past year
Changed my lifestyle
I eat healthyfood
I went back to work cause staying home made me crazy
I workout 2-3 aday
I manage to go to outdoor activites where there are nature and healthy sun exposure
I am much better mentally

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Hi, welcome! How are you doing today? Sorry I meant to respond earlier, it sounds like the taper might be a little quick for you, or the drug may simply not be a good fit for you. It might not be a bad idea to reduce by 10mg-20mg and let it settle for a few weeks or more.

The other option you can ask your doctor about is to switch over to Amitriptyline. Some people seem to tolerate one better than the other, and switching between them without titrating up/down is fairly common, so this could be a fairly easy thing to try. I almost switched from Amitriptyline to Nortriptyline, but I seem to have adjusted fine to Ami.

Anxiety is crippling with this condition. You are not alone, we understand exactly what you are going through. If you need someone to talk to sometime, just PM me.