New here, hoping for a bit of advice!

Hi everyone, recently discovered this forum and after reading some other threads hoping perhaps someone might be able to help point me in the right direction!

About a year ago know whilst driving I started to experience like dry eyes, strained/blurred vision lightheaded, heavy headed, hot flushes. First time it really happened was on the motorway and happened quite a few times. Sadly was not a one off occasion and has been happening throughout this last year. Whilst driving can be a issue aswell as being a passenger, it can happen anywhere overall.

A lot of the time I mainly experience a dry eye/strain feeling with a heavy head feeling, potentially with a headache and a bit of light sensitivity, sometimes also with this lightheaded feeling and like a flutter in my chest. Whilst this does happen at any point I do notice it being more worse towards the evening/night, after an ‘episode’ there’s kind of like a hangover feeling

Have been to the drs a few times about this but pretty much ignored for it, just to monitor see if it gets worse

At a bit of a loss as what to do, trying not to have it affect day to day life, but it has made me avoid certain situations

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Welcome to the forum Kamui.

We cannot diagnose on this forum. But you might want to research ‘auras’. Some people get them before a migraine. Other people, me included, get them, but don’t get headaches.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Just trying to get some other thoughts and possibly looking at going private but not sure who to go see with it all :cry:

I would start with seeing an optometrist. Then maybe a neurologist?

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Have had an eye test recently and said looks fine, was trying for neurologist through the drs but apparently was rejected,

So just to continue on from this, I recently got a copy of my medical records to see a bit of all sorts on there but nothing too specific apart from being give sumatriptan a year ago for migraine (wasn’t told was for that and no mention since)

With my neurology referral that was rejected they had said that it didn’t seem like a neuro issue, but had asked the dr about Neuro finding examination results or to pass to ENT which neither was mentioned just a end of neuro said no.

Would anyone have any thoughts on how to approach the dr more about seeing further, I feel like a lot of my symptoms fit in some where with VM or aura? Just trying to figure out a route to get life back on track a little bit!

/vent ah

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You could go see an oto-neuro (and if free referral is tricky go private).

Don’t pre-suppose a diagnosis and go with an open mind.

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Will have a look into that :slight_smile: definitely open minded to anything would just be good to speak more and try and find out what’s going on with me, has been a struggle this last year with no real help

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