New here …. Issues with bouncing vision

Hi everyone
Im new here just found this site by accident while researching why my vision bounces when I walk.

I do have Meinere’s disease diagnosed many years ago but the bouncing vision only started last summer. My vision is problematic all day long but nighttime is the worse for walking or driving it’s impossible I can’t do it. I have seen ENT and Ophthalmologists recently and they both say I’m ok…. Obviously that’s not true. I do have migraines those showed up 7 years ago after I lost my thyroid to cancer. The Migraines come and go and when they come they last for a day sometimes 3 days or longer… I was given migraine meds but only took it once I just felt weird.

Thanks for any help or insight I can get.


Can you please elaborate here? What were you given, at what dose and how long did you trial them?

Migraine medicine was Imitrex

Sumatriptan by it’s generic name?

That’s definitely not one of the first choice meds for a vestibular condition involving migraines.

These days that would be a Tricyclic or Venlafaxine.

Sumatriptan is an abortive for migraines that are more classical in nature. Vestibular migraine is “atypical migraine” or complex migraine as some doctors call it.

Its unlikely to work for the latter; the things that work for vestibular migraine are preventatives and in certain cases CGRP medications. Benzodiazapines can be used as well, although doctors are hesitant to prescribe them despite their immense utility.

I haven’t been diagnosed with a vestibular issue… I really can’t get any diagnosis for the bouncing vision and no idea where I need to go since Ophthalmologist and ENT were no help.

Bouncing vision often relates to the misfiring of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) which very much is a vestibular issue.

Get it checked out by an oto-neurologist.

you had lazy doctors. second with @turnitaround and find some kind of oto-doctor that specialized in neurology.

the ability of doctors to treat diseases like this falls on a bell curve – most are okay-ish but not enough. its hard to find a good one.

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@Gracevd out of interest in your 20 years of Menieres diagnosis have you experienced any low frequency hearing loss?

I’m deaf in my left ear and have been for 15 years now and 25% hearing left in my right ear for also around 15 years ……I have had numerous hearing test results have always stayed the same……The strange thing is when I lost my thyroid to cancer 7 years ago the right ear actually improved in hearing (test confirmed) left ear is just dead…. Ent from 2 yrs ago said it’s possible that I actually have autoimmune inner ear disease… but not confirmed however the Meinere’s was diagnosed based on table tilt and variety of other test.

With the Meinere’s disease I suffered with drop attacks and vertigo attacks.

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Thank you for explaining that Grace! You must be tough now to have experienced that! Not at all pleasant and I wish you the best recovery from your recent symptoms!

Hi. To the “bouncing vision” poster. I am not a doctor but have been through hell with similar experiences you have described. I am also deaf in my right ear. Left ear has an SCD (Hydrops) and in the cochlear has caused bone loss/vertigo. You do need to see an ear Neurologist who is very specialized. He should order you a 3D scan of your auditory canals. Siker Imagining in Portland, OR really does well with these scans and knows what to look for. Best of luck to you and don’t give up.

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Thank you and after the neurologist ophthalmologist appointment I will definitely request the auditory neurologist.

What did the Ear Neurologist find wrong with your ears and did they correct the bouncing vision???