New here.. Vestibular Migraines 5 months

Hi there,

I’m new here, 5 months ago, after they injected 4 cortisone injections on my lower back spine I started with vertigo, dizziness, sway, spinning, nausea, migraines, un balance issues, sensitive to bright lights, screens, head pressure, neck pain, pain in the back of my head… every single day 24/7…it felt only turning off the lights or sleeping helped my symptoms… I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines and was put on medications… I first started with Meclizine and Naratriptan but did not work. I started Vestibular Physical Therapy. At that time I was diagnosed by a neurologist. And then I was put on Ajovy which I started since May. The neurologist was suggesting to get nerve block injections which contains cortisone. I got a 2nd opinion and saw another neurologist and instead of getting injections I was put on a second medication Topamax.
I am still managing my symptoms. Even though my dizziness has improved a little, it looks like this is something I’m going to with long term.

I have many triggers. Going into stores with bright lights, screen time or events with a lot of people and being on the treadmill, it Can take me up to 5 days to feel like I can walk with being dizzy. My biggest question is driving, can I drive… I still get dizzy when I do my head exercises. Or exercise, I recently found out that right now I can’t the treadmill.
Managing these symptoms for the last 5 months has been hard and now 2 weeks I hurt back and I have sciatica so I have to manage that too.

Have you been evaluated for spinal puncture/leak? I can identify with all the MAV/VM symptoms you listed but occurring right after the injections, it seems something worth eliminating.