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Hi, I’m new here. Had what seemed to be a textbook case of VN 3 months go. The ENT said I would recover in a few weeks or maybe couple months to feel completely normal. After 2 weeks of constant extreme dizziness from the VN, I did start to improve but still had bad days of feeling “off”. About 3 weeks into the recovery I started having some headaches, nausea, ear pressure, popping and intermittent ear pain along with increased heavy, off balance feeling in my head. (No vertigo spinning since initial onset in May). These symptoms would come and go on top of what I now believe is uncompensation from the VN. All of this overlapped with a lot of stress as my dad passed away from cancer in July and I started a new job.

I started VR a few weeks ago which seemed to help at first. But then had to back off the excersizes when the headache and all other symptoms got worse. The nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, motion got very intense for 5-6 days. I still have not recovered from that two weeks ago. Having a hard time working, driving, etc. Earlier the ENT referred me to neurology but appt is still a few weeks out. PT is waiting for the migraine to be more controlled before progressing exercises.

My menstrual cycle seems to make it worse in July and August. Other triggers may be stress and fluorescent lights. I’ve never been sensitive to foods before, but who knows in this new state. I have a history of infrequent, mild migraines - nothing like this. Now I seem to have constant low to moderate level of all the symptoms and then times where different symptoms get extreme. I started recording and charting symptoms but it is a confusing mess.

I have a couple abortive meds to try Imitrex and Zomig. Problem is I don’t really know when a new migraine is starting with these ongoing symptoms. Any advice here?

My primary care doesn’t want to intro new variables before I see neurology but she just prescribed Zoloft (for my increasing anxiety) and a muscle relaxant to try. I’ve had both of these meds before so not as concerned about side effects.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Prior to the VN I’ve never had any problems like this! I’m 44 and used to being healthy.

I’ve been scanning thru some of the threads, finding bits and pieces that seem relevant to my situation.



And first to say how very welcome you are to our support group. Come in and join us. All sounds very familiar to me, long term MAV sufferer. The condition tends to change over time, we say it morphs. It seems to feed on stress so losing a parent might be at least part trigger. You seem to have already explored the site but do check out the Welcome section and wiki. Bags of information on here. Best to get as well informed as you can. You’l find lots of historic information. Try, for one, under Womens Business. Lots of MAV seems to stem from fluctuating hormones for we females, and/or trauma. Not too much else you can actively do except perhaps try the migraine diet or the six C’s diet until you have some sort of more firm diagnosis. We arent medics so you’ll have to wait on that consultant. The PT is correct. VRT can make unstable MAV much worse. Best to go with yr primary care until you’ve seen the consultant. Hard to distinguish much with continuing symptoms even if thet wax and wane however less painkillers the better is a strong consensus because of rebound migraines etc. Good idea to keep up the diary, detailed notes. May give good lead. All sounds pretty typical MAV to me. A textbook case, not that MAV has those really. Everyone’s an individual with MAV it seems but its a very typical history. Hope you dont have to wait too long for your specialist appointment. We are all here to offer support as and when. Good luck. Helen

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I doubt you even had VN to begin with…i started out with a VN/Labs diagnosis and ended with a VM/MAV diagnosis…the MAV protocol(diet, meds, sleep hygiene, light exercise) is pretty effective and it should definitely help you

Hello, sorry to hear that you are going through it with this horrible affliction. It is difficult to work or drive when it is in full swing - I haven’t managed to work since April although I did try to return in May but quickly realised it wasn’t going to work. I am not familiar with the meds you are taking so can’t help there but I do know that once I started taking Pizotifen and doing the migraine diet In June I have really improved.
I am sorry to hear about your dad, my dear mum-in-law died in July and I did have a bit of a relapse because of the stress and distress, so I am sure losing your dad that won’t have helped you at all . Starting a new job is also very stressful and I am not surprised your body is protesting .
I only used to have borderline migraines and I was unaware of any dietary triggers but I think the elimination diet is helping as my digestive system is also much calmer than before. I also have an IBD which is in remission at the moment and seems to like this new food regime!
Hopefully once you have seen the neurologist you will be prescribed something that will help ease your symptoms - whatever he/she prescribes it can take a while to be effective. Because my condition doesn’t seem to be positional I haven’t been given any exercises or therapy, but I have started swimming and walking again and that seems to be helping. I am hoping to go back to work again soon. Hope this helps. :blush: