New, looking for insights and support

Hi all, very happy to find this forum.

I am a 47yo female in the US. Always been very healthy but have had migraines now for some 15 or so years, which Ive managed reasonably well via triggers, lifestyle, prevention and high dose Aspirin occasionally. Did not need a neurologist after I learned to control them. But, I live in the Northeast where most of the year it is gray and low barometric pressure AND I’ve always been in high stress jobs, none of which helped the cause.

A little over a year ago, I have a vertigo episode.Went to ED and, long story short, the docs and I both agreed this was migraine related. I was told to better manage migraines. A year went by without an episode. Three months ago now this year, I was sick with some viral infection and had another episode. A month later another one. And just a few days ago another one. All lasting about 10-20 min, room spinning with nausea afterwards. In most of these cases I had a migraine either during or after.

So far CT scan is normal. No seeming other health issues. Neuro-otologist’s first impression was that it was either MAV or Menieres. But now the VNG test was normal, which rules out Menieres.

I am yet to see the neuro-otologist after the VNG (next week) and neurologists are apparently booked months in advance. But my symptoms are getting worse. I am feeling increasingly “off”, tired and like I am about to have an episode any minute. I have a long commute to work by car and I work long shifts taking care of people (RN), so I am FREAKING OUT!

Browsed this forum a bit - it’s both scary and encouraging. Just looking for any words of wisdom and encouragement. And maybe suggestions on next steps. (I am scheduled with the ENT and neurologist).

And also…how do/did people manage driving? I am so scared I am going to have an episode during.

Thanks, all!

Have you tried to eliminate any of the foods (and drinks) that are common migraine triggers? The last page of this handout provides a list of some of the common triggers:

Thank you for your response!

Yes, as a long term migraineur, I know and avoid dietary triggers (to the best of my ability, of course). I haven’t had any alcohol on 8-10 years. Avoid MSG and aged products. Just cut out dairy, so that takes care of the yogurts. One food trigger I recently did increase is nuts and nut products. Since I have up dairy about 2 months ago, I increased intake of nut milks and nuts in general. So I will try to cur back.

It’s a great document, thank you. And Dr. Buccholz’s book that is referenced in it was what taught me to manage migraines without meds.

Wish they expanded more on the vertigo…