New medication Clonidine

Dear all!

Has anyone got any experience of clonidine. I started about a week ago and if anything I have found it has made me worse. I previously got well on nortriptyline and that made me worse to begin with so im hoping its the same story. Has anyone else got worse before they got better on new meds? How long would you give it before you gave up on it? Anyone tried clonidine?

Love Lara

Lara – I had never heard of this medication until now. It appears to work for neuropathic pain which probably means it is similar to gabapentin (Neurontin). Can you reduce the dose a bit and see if it is more easily tolerated this way?

Once again thanks Scott. Gonna speak to him tomorrow and see if I could half the dose. We will beat this! xxx

If I’m not mistaken, my psychiatrist uses this med to help people get off their meds… Helps with withdrawal symptoms. You could be experiencing withdrawals from nort as well as se’s from the clonidine. Good idea to cut down a bit… Best of luck!!

Hi Kelly,
Thanks so much for the response. Gonna keep going on it! Have you ever come off mav drugs? x