New Member: Please Advise

Hello Everyone,

I am writing on behalf of my mother (who is 95 years young) and has been diagnosed with vestibular associated migraine.

She currently takes 400 mg daily of magnesium malate and 200 mg daily of riboflavin. The other supplement her doctor recommended to take was COQ 10 coenzyme starting at 60 mg. daily. She got very dizzy taking the CO Q 10 coenzyme as it lowered her blood pressure (She does not have high BP & her blood pressure is normally around 62 to 65/120 to 125).

I have a question for the members which is: approximately how long does it take for the magnesium malate to reduce the dizziness? Since she’s been taking this supplement she has had a mild increase in dizziness but she noticed the other day a lessening of it although the next day it increased again. Is the decrease in dizziness a good sign that the magnesium is beginning to work?

I appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!

Hi and welcome. Poor poor Mum. That’s all she needs. Fantastic low BP though for an older person. I was absolutely green with envy. Guess it’s an indication of good things too really.

No doctors here just fellow sufferers but as it happens I think I can answer your question by quoting my own report following a visit to a migraine specialist neurologist last Autumn when she advised me to trial B2 and Q10 myself. Six to eight weeks for each and to stop if no significant improvement she states. She also insisted I trialled each separately however specialist’s opinions do vary.

MAV is a strange beast. Not a bit straightforward. Not much point checking dizziness levels daily though it’s only natural to do so. MAV is !Ike a rollercoaster, intensity of symptoms vary hour to hour yet a!one daily. Symptoms tend to settle very slowly, so much so as to be barely noticeable,.sort of ‘fades’ so don’t expect the dizziness to just stop. Very rarely happens. And as it does fade it will for a good while keep rolling back in. At the moment I suspect a decrease in dizziness us just that, a coincidence. Hope my experience helps Mum. Not wishing to be a doomster but do feel I must point out that there is no guarantee either will a actually prove effective. All preventative treatments are very much trial and error.

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Hi, sorry to hear about your mother’s dizziness. A general rule with MAV treatments is give it about 3 months before evaluating effectiveness, sometimes it can even be longer.

I recommend that she also try a migraine diet at this time as well. For some, diet alone will cure the dizziness. I believe if you do a search or find the wiki on here you will find plenty of resources on the migraine diet. But let us know if you need help.