New Migraine drug out this week - 'Aimovig'

Anyone heard anything about its effectiveness for MAV?

Good find! Promising. It’s good to know somebody is looking into the gap in the market. All grist to the mill as they say.

Interestingly the article states the drugs don’t prevent all attacks but can make them less severe and can reduce their frequency by 50% which is also the stated criteria for success with the current preventatives. The advantage is supposedly the ‘no side effects’.

As the NY times article also states the side effects over the long-term and amongst people _with chronic diseases _ remain to be determined. I guess MAV wasn’t included

Sure it will benefit some migraine sufferers. Vertigo/dizziness isn’t mentioned. Wonder. Is there anybody on forum under the MAYO clinic in Phoenix or who has seen Dr Amaal Starling. Maybe they could enquire. it would be good to know.

I saw this article last night and was just getting ready to post a new thread when I saw that @shazam had beaten me to it!

We’ve seen articles before about the drugs that are in clinical trials that block CGRP. It sounds like this particular drug is a little ahead of the others in testing. It sounds very promising.

As for its effectiveness for MAV, I suppose it will probably help some people but not others. Just like all the other drugs. But even “some” will be better than none!

Here is what Dr. Timothy Hain says about the new CGRP drugs. Just saw this on his website.


On point Anna, thanks.

Particularly loved this statement:

“This is the usual problem with disorders that are defined by symptoms.”



“We probably will not discover the rarer or long term side effects of CGRP inhibitors until a few 10,000 people try these new drugs.”

I’ll wait.


So has anyone with MAV tried this? A new Neurologist is telling me to try this to help control my migraines, which are actually quite under control with Maxalt, saying that he things (after 1 visit) that my MAV is likely a result of the underlying migraine condition.

So I have heard good things in terms of migraines…but nothing yet is terms of any vertigo condition.

It’s pretty recent intro so suspect there;s not much history but I think that how it goes. Tested on headache migraines, not vertigo/MAV type. I think Dr Hain’s website has further info and I think @turnitaround located it. Don’t think it was positive info but sure James will know.

Here’s some info from Dr. Hain’s website:

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Following US FDA:


Here’s hoping it will help a lot of people who suffer from migraine in all it’s forms, with no unwanted side effects.

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Gosh, and we are only lagging behind the US by abt a year is it. A move in the right direction. Don’t think Dr Hain was very keen. I’ve read it’s no more effective than drugs already available and does have side effects although as it bypasses the digestive system it’s bound to help some. Wonder if it’s any good for MAV. Trouble is it’s always so long before one can find out. Think it’s only bn trialled on chronic classic migraine but still if the dizzies are just another symptom maybe that makes no difference and it will prove good.

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I’m halfway thru my 2nd month on it and now am increasing from 70mg to 140 for the next 4 months as the aimovig pharmacist recommended a 6 month trial (the first 2mos were free as they had a 2 mo trial at 70mg and my doctor is trying to get the next 2 mos free and be like oh now its a 140mg trial). If it doesnt work then i try botox for 6mos and if that doesnt work then try multiple migraine meds at once

Has anyone tried the new monthly injectable Aimovig yet? My neurologist is wanting me to give it a try because I’ve tried nearly every other preventative out there. It’s only been approved by the FDA for about 3 weeks so I’m just concerned about side effects, short & long-term. Any input?


I’m on my second month of aimovig injections, and I’m seeing great results. I’d estimate that my symptoms are way down, maybe by 50 percent. No more bobble head and no rocking sensations that nearly knock me over. Just some minor vertigo remaining. Anyone else try this new drug?


Thats good news Aimovig works for dizziness… may i ask what other preventatives you take ?


Certainly good news to hear and thanks for the update. You were brave to try it. Well done. I suppose if one thinks about it logically if the dizziness/MAV is migraine related, it’s just a migraine symptom and any preventative should work although I wouldn’t have been convinced by my own argument to be a guniea pig so I do admire you paving the way. For UK based folk I understand it’s very expensive so wouldn’t imagine it will be readily available through NHS as long as that’s the case , in complicated cases, where people are ultra-medication sensitive via the gut, it will prove useful so some might be lucky. Helen


Coming to NHS. Amazing. Particularly so as the current drugs ‘shortage’ is being attributed to the NHS refusing to pay increased (and I admit tooo great increased) drug costs for the commonly prescribed drugs like ADs, betablockers, anti-psychotics and I understand the Aimovig is very very expensive. Like hundreds of £’s a time! Apparently it’s no more effective than regularly used preventatives either. Advantage to many might be it bypasses the digestive tract I guess. I am just imagining the ‘Means’ Testing the NHS will require for people to ‘qualify’. They’ll probably have to record their drugs trials in real-time with witness statements. I cannot imagine it’ll be widely available. I do wonder if it would work with MAV. Does it work on dizziness or ‘just’ headaches. I suppose it could be pertinent to ask same of Botox too really. I understand short-term it’s good for headaches… but… perhaps the NHS will be looking for guinea pigs and offering FOC trials? Helen

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Thats great news that it works for you Jo! Well worth the couple of off weeks then! :grin:

@Onandon03 Hi Helen, indeed it is expensive! He said he is currently doing the Aimovig privately and his patients pay £500 per month! Botox is around £300 every 12 weeks and he has 500+ on his NHS list! So I very much doubt Aimovig will be widely used as you say!! I wonder if it would help dizziness… I asked him about the success rate and he was vague in his reply? So does that mean its not all the papers claim? Either way I would certainly try it if I had the chance!

What do they claim? What papers?

You’ll find some archived material on it on here and read Dr Hain maybe. The American? Newspaper article I read or maybe it was on line stated it’s no more effective than commonly used preventatives and that was for migraine headaches. I don’t think any MAV trials have been tried so results unknown hence neuro being vague. Nobody knows if it would work in MAV cases. Nobody knows if it would help dizziness. Helen