New migraine med?

Hi all,

Good Morning America was having a segment on a new plastic surgery that was very helpful for migraineurs. Did anyone see that segment? I missed it but am curious!!!


I didn’t see it. I know a lot of people get botox, but that is for head pain and sadly doesn’t help our condition

Here is an article about it in my paper today. Hope you can open it, it is a JPEG. Let me know if you have problems.

Apparently it is a one-off operation which significantly improves migraines or even eliminates them. Do you think it would work with MAV or just ‘normal’ painful migraines?

With my interest in the effect of the jaw and current dental treatment, I was particularly interested in the paragraph where it said migraines are caused by stiff, tight muscles irritating nerves in the head.

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Here is the article from the show!

Becky - how have you been feeling?

I just saw it on the news and it was for people with head pain! Why can’t they help us?

Interesting article Pam. It sounds like early days to be taking this as a serious option though:

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"However, some doctors said that the findings may not be as conclusive as they appear at first glance. Indeed, while 83% of the actual surgery group observed significant reduction in symptoms, so did 57% of those receiving the sham surgery.

Dr. Joel Saper, founder and director of the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, Mich, found this high placebo response rate troubling. “Overall, the study raises more doubts than provides answers,” Saper said. “Surgery should be a last resort.”

Dr. Robert Shapiro, professor of neurology at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington agreed that the high rate of patients who appeared to improve through receiving the placebo treatment suggested that the technique needs further study.

“It would be unfortunate if large numbers of migraine sufferers underwent expensive and potentially hazardous surgery which was actually no more effective than sham surgery,” he said. “This study does not allow a conclusion to be drawn about the effectiveness of the surgeries performed.”

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