New Research

There does seem to be a fair amount of research into MAV - this is the latest finding I could find on google scholar:

Most of the most conclusive research over the years seems to indicate that stress is perhaps the most important factor in MAV. However I feel until researchers distinguish types of stress (possibly: anxiety, excitement, pressure, physical, short term panic, long term depression) there will be muddled results. Even with the existing puzzles, i do feel that dizziness leading to anxiety is a red herring - it is a common experience but must not be confused with the most important hypothesis that stress causes migraines and therefore dizziness.

The mystery remains - why do most people who suffer great stress not get dizzy, whereas MAV sufferers do?

On a positive note - often in nature a combination of one or two factors can create complex and seemingly random outcomes - hopefully we can isolate these factors and then make sense of the variety of different symptoms that cause us much trouble and anguish.


Thanks for posting that Mark.

I wonder what the treatment was exactly? Some sort of Chinese herb by the looks of it. I looked this up and it appears they use it for diabetes too. A little bit dubious for me when something that treats migraine is also effective for diabetes. Strange.

Anyway, at least MAV is on people’s radar! 8)