NEW SITE FEATURE: Map widget (‘desktop’ only)

Hey all,

For an experiment, I’ve added a visitor location widget to give everyone a flavour for where our visitors are coming from.

There’s nothing to do to register your visit. It’s entirely automatic. It records your visit to mvertigo regardless of whether you are logged in or not and marks you approximately and anonymously on the map. You also appear in a log below the detailed map. Both the log and the detailed map can be visited by clicking the small map.


To see greater detail in the distribution of our visitors click on the map. (on the homepage, this is a screenshot!)

Privacy Considerations.

The system is intended to be fun rather than intrusive. This system will record your visit and log your IP, class of device (Windows, iOS etc.) and approximate location (derived from your IP address), just as this website did in any case. This is shared with Their privacy policy is here Privacy Policy. You are anonymous as far as they are concerned. There is no automated matching to username on this site, though because I log registered user visits IP addresses (normal practice) I could manually cross-reference a username with a location but this would be impossible for another user.

The location is fairly inaccurate*. The IP addresses are never shared with other users. I had these anyway as they are an important element when managing user access and site security. So please don’t worry about your privacy.

Let me know if you have any concerns.

*I live in East London and it’s currently logging me as being in Wolverhampton. I’m sure it’s lovely there, but frankly, never been! :smiley: However, that’s good enough and more or less within a pixel or two :wink:


I’m confused. Clicking on either of the maps in your post does nothing. Where do we find the map that shows all of our locations?

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Hi Anna! Those are just screenshots :slight_smile: The working map is on the homepage. You need to be on Desktop or compatible tablet to see it (as per the title). Apple tablets render the Desktop view. There is a strong argument I feel that there is not sufficient space on mobile to render the map there.

Hee Hee. Seems everybody in the UK with an interest in MAV lives in Wolverhampton! Unlike you James I’ve been there several times but not for many years now.

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Ahh, duh. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Anna, initially I fell for that one too.

I later added a clarification to the OP so no-one else would be mashing their trackpads, mouse button or screen!

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I see myself on the map! Cool!

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Yes I noticed you too!

If I zoom in I think I can just see the Florida 'gators! :wink: :smiley:

Yes, they’re everywhere. Manatees, too!

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Now we’ve had it up over 24 hours, it’s starting to reflect the membership a bit better :slight_smile:

This is a great idea and I’m keen to get Australia represented but I’m not finding it very user-friendly! Took me ages to find the real map too and then when I tried to enter my address in the address bar top left, the site went belly up! Logged in again with Google to see if that made a difference but Error 404 again. Then after reading some of the posts below I thought maybe I DON’T enter an address. So is clicking on the map all you need to do and it ‘sees’ where you are (sort of)?

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Very pleased you are keen to represent Australia on our map though I think you might be interpreting this to be more complex than it actually is? Apologies if the instructions were not clear. I’ve updated the OP to make them clearer and properly segregate the privacy information that might have muddied the instructions.

There’s no need to enter an address. (That search box is for a web address I assume, perhaps to allow one to check the visitors of other sites using Clustemaps?). No need to log into or out of anything as the system will use your IP address. The detailed map is one click of the small map away. That’s it.

There’s nothing to do to register your visit. It’s entirely automatic. It records everyone’s visit to mvertigo regardless of whether they are logged in or not and marks them approximately on the map. If it’s not recognising you automatically to be in Oz that’s an issue and interesting in itself. Bear in mind if you are using a VPN this will skew the result and could misrepresent you.

However I see at least two recent visitors from Australia, could you be one of these?:

and in the log below it:

Bear in mind these are intentionally very approximate to protect privacy.

There is also a heat map further down on the Clustrmap interface and some other stats. That’s just about as far as the functionality goes.

Omg that’s what I mean haha You may as well be speaking Swahili! I’m not a digital native though somewhat more than a digital tourist and I struggle when you use language like that… Makes me dizzy :wink:


Yes, I guess that’s me registered as being from Traralgon Victoria which I had to Google to see if it was a real place (it is). I don’t even live in that state so yes, that certainly is good privacy protection.

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:rofl: we should really visit these places some day :national_park:

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