NEW SITE FEATURES: User Locations and Ability to Follow people

Delighted to announce some fab new features!!:

  • Ability to set your own and see other users’ locations (that have been set)
  • Ability to Follow Users.

Ability to see users Locations:

  • set your Location in your Preferences under Map Location in Profile. Entirely optional but encouraged.


NB For privacy protection, don’t enter your home address(!), but some landmark nearby. We do not track your location, you simply enter in the address. Don’t forget to hit Save!

  • view yourself in relation to others on The New User’s Map (also navigated by Hamburger Menu -> Users)

NB#2 This is completely separate from the site visitors’ map. It is only visible when you are logged in as a registered user.

Ability to follow specific users:

  • See a simpler Topic list of who you Follow
  • Get notified when someone posts

How it works:

  • Hit a User’s avatar anywhere and you should get a User Card pop up, eg:


  • Hit the ‘Follow’ Button


  • You will now see a Following list, accessible from the main page:

  • Hit that to see just the Topics in which your Following group has posted!:

  • You can check who you are Following and whose Following you on the new Network tab in your User Summary:

Finally, you can set how verbose the notifications are. If you find it’s too chatty, you can switch some of them off:



PS So far I’m looking pretty lonely as the only User on the map :cry:

in Isolation you might say😃

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Hey guys,

Because we’ve had ZERO take up of this great facility (despite requests for it in the past), I wanted to emphasise that there is no loss of privacy here. You are in complete control of the location you enter. Think about representing your City, Province and Country on here. You must not enter your home address, but please consider putting a ‘representative pin’ on the map for the enjoyment of everyone. Also it might help people find others that can advise them on local specialists or services!

Be creative, pick a local statue :statue_of_liberty: , or waterfall :chart_with_downwards_trend:, or mountain :mount_fuji: , enjoy!

I’d rather not be staring at my local Canary Wharf :office: every time I open the map :zzz: , haha.

Thank you!



Whoop and we have a taker, stretching out the map to more of the world!

Thank you @elle84 from British Columbia! :slight_smile:

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Fun feature! I know there are a handful of Pacific Northwest-ers and quite a few of you in the UK. It would be interesting to see more of the spread.

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Your egg looks very good on the map :slight_smile:

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I’m late to the party here - how do I put my pin on? Sorry if I missed the instructions!


thanks for your interest @gidlabu. See the OP:

Go to your Profile within Preferences (access from the avatar menu top-right, by hitting your avatar, then your username) and type your representative address into Map Location. Be sure to hit Save! Use a nearby landmark. :slight_smile:


Trying…will get it all right eventually! Colour me IT disadvantaged!!!


Having trouble? If you start typing into Map Location do you start to see some suggestions?

Yes, I get suggestions, but not for South Africa. I have filled in ‘South Africa’, several times and saved changes…it says saved, but when I return it is gone, although the time zone remains…??? As you can see I managed an avatar picture change, but no idea what the ‘card’ pictures are for :blush: I will come back when I have a bit more time (and inclination) to fight with the computer!!

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Try picking a local address or monument. You have to be specific. Then click the address to select and then hit save.

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We’re doing quite well now, at least 6 people! lol (thanks guys!).

But it’s still a bit Anglo-American for my tastes, so if anyone from further afield wants to commit their pin, please go-ahead!

Another push for people to add location. Let me know if you are having any issues.

FYI there was a bug with the Follow system that’s been causing a lot of notification spam. This should now have been resolved, but you may have had a final flurry of notifications. You can always hit the Dismiss button.

FYI#2 you can now set the level of Follow notifications in your Preferences under Notifications:


These are all default ON, but you can turn them off at your discretion. Now the bug is fixed though, give the system a try with them all switched ON.

Oh, and whilst I’m here, please consider setting your approximate indicative Map Location as per the OP, if you have not done so already, so you can appear on our User map, Cheers!

I’ve just resolved an issue where the locations search feature in Profile was broken. If you struggled before, please give it a go again!

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I tried to put in my location, but it said “You’ve performed this action too many times. Please wait 51 seconds before trying again”. I have only put it in once, so I think that there is still a problem.