New Tinnitus Therapy Can Quiet Torturous Ringing in the Ears


@dekabell an interesting one in light of prior discussion!

Interesting! Here’s hoping a treatment will appear for those of us who do not have “somatic tinnitus”.


So you have absolutely no change to your tinnitus when clench your jaw, or for example, press firmly on your scalp near your ear, nor when jerking head side-to-side?

My tinnitus is completely persistent though, never stops!

Nope! Tinnitus gets louder when sense of head pressure increases, and I occasionally get tone changes, but not in response movement, real or perceived. I interpret loud noises as pain, and sudden loudness as pain + a flash of white across the entire visual field. Otherwise, tinnitus is a persistent high frequency tone. Occasionally, inner ears will feel itchy or fluid-filled, too. Weirdly, silicone ear plugs make the tinnitus less noticeable but also irritate the ear after a couple nights use.


Interesting! We are all different, yet some of us the same, in some ways. So complex.

I wonder if somatic tinnitus reflects a unilateral issue with one inner ear for which the brain struggles to compensate because it cannot correlate the extremities of response to the other.

Yet if my issue is inner ear related what is also interesting is my brain has compensated for all my vestibular sense. It took a few years but it did happen and I rarely if ever have any vestibular abnormalities now.

Yet the fluctuating tinnitus remains. Stubbornly.

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