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Hi All,

I am new to this group. I have been trying to sign up for sometime and kept getting errors. Anyway, glad to be aboard now. I am not sure if I have MMDS or MAV…Basically I have had rocking and swaying type vertigo and its triggered by long car rides. It’s not disabling but very annoying. Doc is considering to put me on Veramapil

Glenn in Houston Texas
Unoffically diagnosed with MAV/Vascualr Loop Syndrome

Welcome Glenn,

I wish you all the luck in the world with verapamil. I’ve heard it can work wonders and I know members of this forum who have been on that preventative alone for years, with satisfactory success. I’ll let them tell their own stories, but my understanding is that all they need is on and off (sometimes more on than off and vice versa) assistance of a vestibular suppressant in the form of ibuprofen or a benzo.

FYI: Dr. Hain told me that ibuprofen is extremely helpful is warding off dizziness and it won’t cause rebound as long as you don’t use it more than 2 to 3 times a week.

I use Klonopin as a vestibular suppressant.


Sounds like maybe it would be helpful to use something for motion sickness prior to going in a car. You might find that helps with the dizzies.
How long does it take for hte feeling to resolve?
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Welcome to the board Glenn. :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian,

So you have MAV? Tell me how you acquired it?

Not sure it Brian’s is in here, but if you want stories, here you go:
Probably more than you wanted, though. :mrgreen:

Oh, and welcome!

Wow Tran, you actually found that old post. It was shorter than I thought.


I can’t say that I acquired as much as I can say that I think that I have always had it. I have had most of the symptoms minus the vertigo problems and a couple of others since I was a child. I did have a few mild “dizzy spells” as a young adult that were usually diagnosed as ear infections but after what I have experienced over the last nine years, I now know that they were misdiagnosed.