New to the migraine diet: Vitamin C, and carob?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with VN about 4 months ago, but am increasingly convinced that my symptoms may be migraine-related. I’m currently 8 weeks into VRT, but thought that eliminating potential triggers now wouldn’t hurt. I have just a couple of questions:

  • Is carob (often used as a chocolate replacement) safe?

  • How do people get their vitamin C, if citrus is off? Are vitamin C tablets OK?

]The list I’m looking at includes “dairy products”. Does that mean milk is out too?



All fruits, not just citrus, contain Vitamin C, but if you feel you aren’t getting enough in your diet, supplements are OK. I don’t believe that carob contains caffeine which is the “trigger” in chocolate, but you could google it to be sure. I think that dairy triggers tend to be the “old cheeses”, buttermilk, yogurts, and powdered milk products, but I’m sure it varies for people as everyone is different.