New to this forum


Just popping in to say hello…

I have silent migraines and I was looking around for a forum to join to help me manage my condition.

I am on Amitriptyline and have been having some relief but going onto 50mg has tipped me over the edge and making it worse. So I am now gradually reducing the dose down to a more manageable dose. I’m not having a very good time with more side effects than ever.

Does anyone else have any experience of this tablet?

I am in the UK but I understand that this is an Australian site???

Hope to hear back soon.


Welcome! Adam and I are based in Darwin, NT and Sydney, NSW but the forum serves a world audience. The server probably sits in the US somewhere!

Sorry to hear of the migraine problem you have. Do you suffer any vertigo or dizziness with this?

You can start here to read about amitriptyline:

Scott 8)