New to VM and seeking advice and support

Hi everyone,

I just got diagnosed with VM, trying to make sense of it all. I have had classic migraines over the years that would only last a few hours and were helped with meds. In the spring I had vertigo rolling over in bed so abrupt I almost flew out of bed. along with it nausea and being unable to walk. I had an initial diagnosis of BPPV and was sent for vestibular therapy. It took a few weeks and I seemed to be ok and I went back to work. Then the vertigo came back. I had a migraine a few days before that attack. I have been dizzy with swimming head and off balance ever since. I also have IBS which is now making sense as I read all these symptoms as well as a stiff neck that has been with me since the first attack of vertigo. I have been unable to work since June. I just had another migraine on 9/1 and have still not recovered. I am scheduled for an MRI in a week, but none has suggested any blood work. I did have an ENG after the second bout of vertigo which was abnormal. I am wondering how long it takes to see any results from cutting out the big food triggers? I know everyones story is different. Would love to have diet modification help .I also have RA and have been gluten free for 2 years now. Is it realistic diet that alone will help or am I looking at yet another medication in my future? Thanks


I too have been off work since june, when all my symptoms started. The first month and a half i had 4 vertigo episodes. Ent said it was vestibular neuritis, after my vng last week i found out i have left inner ear damage, which could explain my symptoms, though i feel like it could be VM too since i had a migraine with aura at the end of july and headaches mild to moderate since june. In August i began the migraine diet, stopped eating dairy and eggs, due to allergies, and i am now 3 days into gluten free eating. Im also taking all the recommended supplements for VM as well. With all these changes, i started to feel better after 3 weeks. Symptoms are not gone, but the intensity has lessened. Im still awaiting further doctor’s visit to find out what exactly i have. Also, this forum is absolutely awesome! You will find so much information and vast spectrum of experiences. The people here are great and im sure they will provide you with great advice/information.

Forgot to mention that i reduced my salt intake significantly.

Hi Jenni, sorry to hear you got VM. For some diet does nothing. For some diet is everything. I seem to be in between somewhere. I had to test it several times. In my experience, it takes a few days to feel better on the diet, then 2-3 weeks to feel more better (-: When I say the “diet” I mean a migraine diet that is low in tyramine and maybe even histamine. I only follow tyramine to date - histamine doesn’t seem to trigger me.

I think the diet is where most doctors will want to start, as well as supplements like CoQ10, magnesium, and vitamin B2. And cutting out caffeine. If it doesn’t resolve after a couple months, the doctors generally start discussing migraine preventatives like anticonvulsants, antidepressants, or blood pressure meds. I tried the diet and supplements for almost 6 months and still couldn’t get it under control. I got on the blood pressure med Verapamil (now at 360mg) and now I seem to be almost recovered, hoping for 110% in the next few months. (-:

There are lots of good resources here to help you and your doctor to sort everything out. Good luck! you are not alone!


Thanks so much for the info, Where did you find out about the tyramine and histamine diets? I am starting to wean myself off caffeine. I don’t want to go cold turkey and get a migraine or any kind of headache for that matter. My Dr suggested I read heal your headache and the migraine brain, they arrive today.

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I googled a lot of it. :grinning: But there was a book called “The 3 Day Headache Cure” by Jeremey Orozco that was also helpful. Getting off caffeine was hard mostly because of the habit. But nicotine was even harder for me. Now I just have decaf or a bit of green tea.

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We have a lot of information on the diets in this thread. Scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of links and some images:

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Yes make sure you have looked through the Support Wiki!

Also check out all the member recommended products here, which includes various books and all the main supplements :slight_smile: