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New trigger... wind?

So in this wonderful world of MAV, I think I discovered a new trigger today… Wind.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a bad hangover with chills, except I didn’t drink anything last night. I did eat pizza though, which is probably just as bad for someone with MAV :cry:
Anyway, the weather is nice today so I thought I’d go outside for a little walk… It’s quite windy and 2 minutes after i get out there, I immediately felt very lightheaded/drunk. I came inside ASAP and have been laying down ever since.

I read a few theories online explaining why this happens. Apparently, it is pretty common, even people who don’t have MAV sometimes suffer from this. One of the theories says that if you have any fluid in your middle ear, and you go outside in the wind (especially high wind), the wind can “cool” the fluid in your ear, causing you to feel dizzy/off balance, similar to how pouring cold (or hot) water in the ears can make you feel dizzy. Not sure if it has any merit to it, but it does kind of make sense.

Guess I better invest in a cute pair of ear muffs.
Was wondering if anyone else is affected by wind.

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yep, for me though I think it was just a general overstimulation (hair blowing, noisier, quick temperature change…) etc. I am thinking that it is not an ear thing for me because my ears are not the problem causing my dizzy, but I suppose for some with ear issues it could be like a caloric test. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am Suki. Walking in the wind makes me feel exactly how you describe - wobbly, lightheaded and “drunk”. If it’s very windy I will avoid going out unless it’s absolutely necessary because it throws me for a loop. And upon getting back indoors it’s as if I have to acclimatise and stabilise before I can do anything. It’s a very weird, surreal feeling.


Yes, especially cold wind. I wear a furry hood, solves the problem most of the time.


I love the wind, . . . but frequently I have a lot of trouble when the weather’s changing–and wind can be part of that.

Wind is really rough for me too. Off balance, wobbly, almost feeling disoriented. I always wear a hat in the winter, helps a little.

Wind has always got me - I remember the first summer I got hit by this beast sitting on a beach in North Devon. It was a hot sunny day, but windy. All around me were people in swim suits and I was feeling so ill that I was fully clothed and wearing a woolly hat! If the wind gets into my ears I’m in big trouble - I’ve even started to grow my hair to try and cover it - why does hair take so long to grow :roll: x

Wind is not good for me either, especially cold wind…that will do me in.

Hardly a new trigger to me but still …

Out West this must be the wettest and windiest winter on record. It just rains and rains and then, slightly less often, blows. And how it blows. And how that affects this condition. Apparently many deaf people suffer likewise. I’m not as affected as I used to be, I think I can take a stiff breeze now but 40mph+, no way and although we’ve discussed it on another thread more recently I found the older posts on this thread very relevant, perhaps more so for those of us that live in the Windy West. Helen

I noticed more difficulty walking and more feelings of dizziness on windy days when my disequilibrium was more prominent.

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