New w/Extreme Migraines! Any Advice?

Hi my name is Styx,

I’m not entirely sure if this forum is exactly for me because I have a problem with chronic migraines and not chronic dizziness but it’s at least worth a try. I’ve had chronic migraines for about 4-5 years now but recently they’ve become a bigger problem for me.

A few weeks ago I was just discharged from the hospital after having to be admitted for a migraine that lasted 6 weeks. I take Naproxen and Sumatripten to get rid of migraines when I have one but those weren’t doing anything. After multiple trips to Urgent Care and the ER and Toredal stopped doing anything too. I tried caffeine, CBD, etc. but nothing worked. It got so bad that I could barely eat or sleep and I wasn’t able to go to school. I’m still working on getting my grades back up.

Everything was going okay until Wednesday evening of last week when I got a migraine that my meds couldn’t help with but I figured I was also just tired. Come Thursday morning, it’s still there. We went to Urgent Care yesterday and they gave me a shot of Toredal and it barely did anything. I’m afraid to be going down the same path again, especially since we have no clue what caused a migraine that bad. I’m also a lead in a play that premieres this Friday so I’m especially nervous. It doesn’t help that I have nobody to really talk to that would understand what I’m going through.

Welcome! And sorry to hear you are suffering with migraines.

You are correct to point out that the focus of this site is not migraines but chronic vestibular conditions (which often include migraines as part of the symptom spectrum)

However, users here have a lot of experience with medication so I’ll leave your Topic open for anyone’s feedback.

Best of luck!