Newly Diagnosed: MAV & PPPD

Hi all, new here to this excellent forum although I have been reading it for some time. I would like your thoughts / comments on my diagnosis. I’ve read an awful lot about all these symptoms. I’ve recently seen Professor Rea at the well established Leicester Balance Clinic, he is an expert in menieres disease and other ear related dizziness.

  1. Migraine Associated Vertigo
  2. PPPD
  3. Chiari Malformation (told to be not causing symptoms)

My main symptoms are chronic ‘full’ head which fluctuates in intensity, including fullness in ears/sinuses, fairly quiet tinnitus again fluctuating intensity and back of head/neck discomfort . My symptoms appear to be bilateral too. Occasional intense ‘attacks’ of motion sensitivity ear fullness, tinnitus and (weirdly) my sinuses/nose clears up and I usually get some sort of pain and bad fatigue follows.

Thanks all.

Welcome. My comment must be I’d be rather disappointed. Talk about hedging their bets. They may almost just as well have given you the full list of vestibular disorders and a pin! In some ways I could almost say I feel smug because I might otherwise be extremely envious that you were lucky enough to be able to access such a eminent specialist which I would have relished. Still it just goes to show how difficult it is for even the best to make an exact diagnosis so us less fortunate sufferers probably haven’t missed out on as much as we might have thought. I don’t suppose diagnosis is everything. All I’ve had is ‘probable MAV’f from two different sources. I’m not a medic, just a sufferer and I don’t think there’s much between MAV and PPPD. In fact treatments for both and some other vestibular conditions too tend to be pretty similar. Presumably such an illustrious set-up will have given you a full treatment plan so I’m sure you’ll do just fine now you are on the way. All the best.


I have exact same symptoms as yourself and was diagnosed with Chronic Vestibular Migraine by an ENT specialist and a Headache Specialist. I do suffer from occasional headache and ear pain as well but my sinus/ nose pressure is horrendous along with 24/7 dizziness and disorientation( to varying degree). Ive had a LOT of medications over the last 4 years and just had my 1st round of Botox 10 days ago. So far i have improved neck pain but nothing else.

Im pinning all my hopes on this otherwise it’ll be back to the drawing board.

Take care

Jo xx