Newly diagnosed with VM, diet?

I am newly diagnosed with VM and was given the standard, I guess Migraine Diet. Is that not what I should be following?

Welcome. You should definitely try it and see how you go :+1:

It’s worth a try for at least 3 months. It didn’t help me but it’s worth trying.

Tammy I should clarify that many practitioners prescribe the 6C’s diet, which is probably not considered a traditional migraine diet, specifically for MAV/VM.

I’d definitely recommend the 6 C’s diet mentioned above. I’ve had vestibular migraines for 6 years and at first I didn’t take the diet seriously enough. The main things I’ve cut out are chocolate, MSG, hard cheese and caffeine and there’s a huge difference. To make things easier for yourself, try not to see it as a restriction, but a swap. (I’ve replaced them with white chocolate, msg-free alternatives, cream cheese and decaf)

Hi I follow the HYH diet (and 6Cs) have now for over 3 years. You really do get into the swing of it. Once I had breakfast sorted (oats, fruit and seeds) I was fine. I do sometimes struggle with lunch but cook batches of soup for the freezer. I do notice when I try to put things back in so happy to stick with it. It helps me as part of an overall package of exercise. meds, supplements, sleep, etc etc.

“Heal your Headache”
More recommended books here
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I did the 6Cs diet a year after my vestibular symptoms started and have since been able to reintroduce some foods. I avoid caffeine and MSG, as well as yogurt (not sure why that impacts me!) and I don’t really drink, although I can tolerate a glass of wine occasionally and chocolate in very small quanities. But the other things I was able to successfully reintroduce. Definitely worth giving it a go!

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Did you do the migraine diet at all?

I didn’t, no. I saw a Nutritional Therapist and we discussed both diets in quite a lot of detail! Her advice for me was to try the 6Cs and see how I got on with that initially. I then didn’t need to do the HYH diet - MSG is the big one for me, most other things I can tolerate in small quantities. It does feel quite daunting initially but you do get into the swing of things quite quickly.

I have been doing the HYH diet strictly for 2 1/2 weeks. Still experiencing symptoms daily. Think I will eliminate wheat bread, milk products etc and see. I am so confused and overwhelmed because light and noise effect me as well. So is it food or the other triggers?

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It could be a combination of anything unfortunately! It’s all about lifestyle management to try to raise your threshold and therefore (hopefully) minimise attacks/symptoms. Good luck! Let us know how you get on.