something I read, I wonder if nitroglycerine could become a preventative for us.
but I cant help but think, if it opens up the viens inthe head It must do this for the whole body,
that could be trouble?

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Posted by Karyn S. Huntting on June 13, 1998 at 03:21:58:
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: : I am a 32 year old Male. non-smoker,non-drinker. Work in Engineering field.
: : I have a history of Cancer and Migraines. Blood pressure is always normal.
: : Four months ago I was at work in the morning and my right arm turned numb and tiggly. It also felt very cold and heavy. I could use it fine. Over the next several days the feelings spread to the right foot and the right side of my face. I saw the family Doctor and then a Neurologist. I had an CT, MRI (both to brain) and lumbar puncher but they all showed normal. I was diagnosed with “complex migraine” and put on cartizem. The cartizem helped with the migriane frequency but the numbness has never left me.
: : A few weeks ago I woke up not able to move with out great effort. I would shake with every movement. My wife took me to the emergency room. I had a strange reaction the the contrast media they gave me when they wanted to do a CT. As soon as they put it in me the movement symptoms disappeared!
: : The CT showed normal. The movement symptoms came back after a few hours. The ER Doctors then gave me a “nitro under the toung” pill and the symptoms left again. I have now seen a “Blood Doctor” and he says my blood is somewhat “thick” but not abnormal. I get the shaking movement problems still and am very weak. I am headed for IU Med center in Indy next week because the Neurologist say “there is nothing wrong that they can find”
: : Should I be seeing a Neurologist or someone else? I guess I am writing this because I enjoyed looking through your other replies. I found some insights into my case. I would welcome any feedback
: : Thank You
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: Dear Jeff:
: Your symptoms are atypical for migraine.
: I would suggest that you consult with a Neurologist first in order to make sure that your neurological examination is normal and may be get what we call MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram) that will show the arteries in your brain and your neck. Because one possibility is recurrent ischemic attacks. Another remote possibility is seizure but it is doubtful based on your reported story.
: Again, I would suggest that you first see a Neurologist. If you would like a second opinion at the Cleveland Clinic, please call 1 800 CCF CARE in order to make an appointment with a specialist at the Department of Neurology
: Good luck

Suggest you ask your neurologist about the possibility of Basilar Artery Migraine. You may be interested to read about the disorder, including symptoms and typical cases. It is quite often missed in the diagnostic process (and is known as a “migraine variant,” “complicated migraine,” or “complex migraine,” depending on what your source is). Your reaction to nitroglycerine is also consistent with someone having a BAM attack (since BAM is vasoconstriction in the vertebrobasilar territory and the nitro is a vasodilator–it is a good way to treat acute attacks).

wow jen, i would see if you could find some concrete research on this and take it to your dr who DXed you with BAMs. how often do you have BAMs? if it would help acute attacks, that would be fabulous for you! if you didn’t have to take it too often!

Hi Dj I have an attack almost everyday, I have persistant aura.
the thing is the neuro says this is bam, but alot of people pass out with bam attack, I dont I just have moments where my head fades away into knowhere land.
you’d think If I’d had this for so long it would have progressed.
sometimes I even feel like is this me just being mental.
so depressing.
I’m starting to feel lke this will never be resolved for me. yesterday I read about a woman who’s hair fell out by the fist full, as topamax killed all the follicles .
I dont need meds that make my life more intollerable than it is,
I’m fast putting on wieght due to the stupid elavil that dosnt appere to be doing anything for my mav.
what am I to do sit at home bald and fat, mmmmmmm my husband puts up with enough dont you think.
I dont work anymore cant drive, It’s starting to get to me.Ive been to this place before in my head feeling down over this damn illness. I just want my old life back.
Ive research and searched for answers, for along time Dj and dont seem to be getting any Ideas of what else I can do.
I’m supposed to take anticonvulsion tabs if this other stuff dosnt work, and I’m affraid I’ll lose the very essants of who I am.
sorry Dj , I’m just rambling on, better you than my my poor family again.


jen talk away or email me anytime. i know what it is like. i hate the fact that i am making my family suffer right along with me. they are so supportive but sometimes they just dont get it. we get it though bc we live it!

GO GET YOUR B12 SHOTS AND DO WHATEVER ELSE GOT YOU INTO A MINI REMISSION!!! just try what has given you some relief in the past again please. keep fighting!!!

nitroglycerin was developed as a homeopathic remedy in the 1800’s. It was used by homeopaths for lots of reasons, including migraine headaches. Conventional doctors started using it for angina. The homeopathic name is Glonoinum and you can buy it at any health food store.

If you fit the picture it was intended for by homeopaths, It may relieve symptoms for a short time, but it won’t cure you.

thanks guy’s, yep I’ll check with the neuro about ,
I suppose I feel at whits end because it’s been along time sinse my first appiontment with the neuro.
thanks again.
I didnt know about the herbal nitro,

It’s homeopathic, not herbal. Beware the difference. Homeopathic meds are powerful. I was doing great on a remedy, symptom-free, felt better than I had ever felt before in my life, for three years. Then my homeopath overdosed me and i’m 100 times worse than before I started seeing her.

ok Julie thanks,
will do