No dizziness anymore but still imbalance

Hey all,

Well things are improving, only had bad dizziness/vertigo attack twice over last couple of months! The thing that gets me down is the face that’s i can’t even stand for more than a min without feeling I am going to fall over and first thing hen wake up is balance so bad have to hod on o sides to stop falling over.

Does anyone else have this? Xx

Also does balance retraining help?


Yes dizziness tons better just so unsteady and dont feel right like im being pulled over ALL the time hate walking :frowning: do you think this will go do you think?x

hi noo noo. I am much the same as you… I find it even harder to stand in visually busy environments. Although, I actually don’t feel so imbalanced first thing in the morning, but it hits me a few minutes after being up.

Do you actually get the feeling that your surroundings are somehow moving or swaying in your vision?

Hey all,

Thanks who’s that chick ill try those excercises.

Ok ref medication this is what I did, prob not right but so far it’s worked for me!!

I stopped all medication about 6 weeks ago, to be fair I had tried 2 diff lots and they had done nothing for me apart from make me more low that I already was, I also wanted to beat this on my own and worried I would be stuck on medication for ages, it was hard for first 2 weeks as had worse headaches ever also because I cut out coffee which was a daily occurrence ( love my coffee) anyway I now have tea or some days none and have fruit tea as well!

I still feel slight vertigo dizzy when looking down at phone or computer but no where nr as bad as I was and touch wood have not had that complete spaced out feeling which I used to get every week ( although hate big shops and shopping centres) think lighting sets me off!!!

I just thought until I beat this I may as well accept this is how I need to operate and try and manage it instead of being upset, will try excercises although my ENT said this will prob set it off again but within time will help me xxxxxx

Hello, so good to hear your dizziness has gone, sorry to hear about the imbalance. I am yet to lose the dizziness or visual shifting; but my balance is good, even when i get terrible rocking vertigo and spins. The reason for this is because i did physio for 18 mins every day. Here are the exercises that i hope will help you build up - it took me about a month.

  1. Stand with one foot infront of the other and balance for 1 minute.
  2. Try and do the same with eyes closed.
  3. Stand on left leg for 1 min.
  4. Stand on right leg for 1 min.
  5. Stand with one foot up on a chair, hold for a minute.
  6. Do the same with eyes closed.

At first this is very hard, so keep at it!!

noo noo can i also ask if it was medication that helped you lose dizziness and if so, how long did it take to take effect, i’ve been on amitriptyline for 3 weeks and had no change yet…