No idea why I'm feeling worse

I’m just so baffled… it’s not like I was feeling great befiore, but all of a sudden last weekend I began to feel absolutely horrid. I had been on the same low dose of a med for over 3 weeks, no significant diet changes, still exercising, and here I am in one of the worst periods I’ve had since the MAV started. I guess I have yet to really identify any triggers aside from an irregular sleep schedule. Will I get back to where I was before this at least? I am miserable and feeling very despairing.

I’m so sorry you are feeling so poorly. I can relate - today is a horrible day - it’s that time of year when pollen gets to me though. My head feels like it’s gonna burst and i’m dizzy pretty bad - i get really discouraged and depressed this time of year every year for the past 30 years - i’m tired of it.

I hope you feel better and can figure out what it is and can do something about it. Unfortunately i can’t control my outside environment!


The weather could be a factor, perhaps. We’ve had some odd weather here on the East Coast. I guess if I could at least attribute this unusually bad symptom period to something, I’d feel better somehow. Maybe it’s time I do an elimination diet.

HI Adrienne,
I get those big ups and downs and start to think my meds are failing, or find myself crying my eyes out with depressive feelings, and then it passes. I have had some really promising moments (even weeks) in December, and thought I was getting over the hump and on my way to remission…but then January wasn’t great at all…
it’s part of the mystery of this mess…but don’t get too down…just have to get back on the proverbial horse and ride again!!
it could be your meds aren’t the right ones for you, or I am thinking it may have something to do with the way I metabolise meds. I took this one test that said I was a quick metaboliser, but a slow eliminator. So I think maybe some meds build up in my system and i Need a break from them for a few days…unfortunatley, with this stuff, it’s important to remain consistent…quite a quandry. But it may be something to consider. They say like 7% of Caucasions have trouble with certain meds due to the enzymes needed to break them down…I believe it’s the CYP450 enzymes if you want to look into it. I don’t know what your ethnicity is, but it is possible with anyone…

Thanks, Kelley. I do think the depakote isn’t for me. I tolerated it better than others I tried before which is why I stayed on, but if it’s not doing anything positive after 2 months what’s the point… even if the way I’m feeling now is not because of the med specifically.

How are you feeling now? It’s so tough to feel like you’re doing a bit better and have it come crashing down. I don’t know if I can ever get used to that! Then again I don’t think I have yet to fully accept that this is something I may be living with forever. Still wishing for that miracle pill to snap me back (I know we all are).

A miracle pill would be great wouldn’t it. I’ve been looking for a cure for 30 years now and nothing has realy helped and i couldn’t tolerate the ADs - right now allergy season is starting here so i’m feeling really realy bad one minute and not super bad the next - i hate it and sitting at my desk crying off and on. it’s depressing - i have to ask for a ride to the dentist and i hate asking for anything.

I hope you feel better


Adrienne, I think you nailed the Number One possibility when you mentioned variable weather. Weather unreliability is about the biggest reason I feel nervous about experimenting with adding foods to the diet. If I get to feel bad, I want to know that I can blame the foodstuff, and not wonder whether barometric pressure changes “contaminated the experiment.” I know our saying this doesn’t do a damned thing for your symptoms. . . .


Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time. I went through a similar bad patch in October. I think it was either putting up the strength of my medication in October, the really busy month I had at work and/or the changing weather as the seasons changed that set it off. At the time I also felt it would never go back to my usual manageable levels of dizzy but it did. Stay positive, it can get better. Hopefully this is just a small set back that will pass in a few days.

Take care