No longer motion sick after MAV started?

Just a quick question since you got have been suffering from this awful condition has anyone lost their motion sickness? I used to suffer terribly with motion sickness and now have no problems at all being in the car etc. I get a rollercoaster tummy drop and funny sensation when being a passenger but no motion sickness. Just wondering if anyone else had the same thing? Just worried incase my dizziness/imbalance is caused by some brain issues thanks

Hey, just celebrate! Sounds like you are recovering and/or compensating. Nausea is HORRID, so good riddance!

This is not a life sentence, many recover and it seems you are on your way!

(I’m no longer nauseous but I’m cheating somewhat as still on Amitriptyline. However I used to get nausea sometimes even when on the drug)

That is what everyone is saying however my motion sickness stopped when the MAV started so worried incase it’s Mdds! Don’t bob, sway or rock just feel a pulling sensation most of the time and unsteadiness whilst walking. My MAV spontaneously disappeared about a month ago but returned after a 2 hour car journey. Consultant advised this was because it set another MAV attack off as my balance system was still resetting but can’t help but worry! Dizziness has disappeared on the Amitripyline so pleased about that :blush:

It’s not mdds unless you are developing significant hearing loss and that’s super rare.

The symptoms fluctuate and all sorts of feelings come and go. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Yeah Ami’s good!!

My motion sickness is A LOT worse with the MAV. However that could also be because I have to ride as a passenger now because I’ve been too dizzy to drive for the past 1.5 years. I’ve always had more motion sickness as a passenger anyway. But towards the end of my driving days I was getting motion sick just driving myself around.