Noise sensitivity

I’ve had 24/7 dizziness for the last few months and it seems likely that it’s VM. As well as light and movement setting it off I’ve been very sensitive to noise recently. It varies a bit through the day but when it’s bad even noises around the house are a problem. Music or multiple or unexpected noises seem to be worse. Noises can make me feel dizzy and feel painful. Any suggestions on helping the symptoms? I’m trying diet/lifestyle changes and waiting for a prescription. Ear plugs help for a bit but wearing them for a while felt there were problems with ear pressure. Also was t sure if avoiding noise would make me more sensitive! Any suggestions?

Worst suggestion ever and the only correct one is patience. Migraine is a central sensitization disorder. Light, sounds, smells, motion, touch are all an assault on a hyperactive system. You reduce that assault by lowering triggers when you can which isn’t really in your control if you want to actually live your life. You also have to raise your thresholds so you don’t get triggered so easily. That’s proper sleep hygiene, a good diet, regular exercise, hydration with electrolytes, meditation, lower stress and often medication. VM functions like a brain trauma. It’s slow to heal and requires diligence.


I was really lucky, the noise sensitivity was really bad in the 6 months to year of MAV, but calmed down a lot after that.

I think the main improvement was related to me walking away from a stressful career.

Noise sensitivity is one of my main symptoms. Chaotic noise is bad; chaos + volume is intolerable. I’ve was diagnosed with hyperacusis years back, but that was mostly in reaction to sudden noise. The current sensitivity is on a much broader scale.


my girlfriend and i whisper to eachother at home when im feeling particularly sensitive. i also put in earplugs when the trash truck comes, its so loud

Thanks all. I’m aware that there’s no magic bullet and am doing the diet and investigating meds. I was really asking about more symptom relief. Think the recent sensitivity is because recent VM was triggered at least partly from listening to something with ear pods. So my brain recognizes noise as a danger! Ear plugs help for a bit but am not sure if it’s better to have some exposure for things to settle down. For instance I’m wearing sunglasses for light sensitivity but wearing them all the time makes me more sensitive.

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My neurologist was clear - reduce the migraine means reduced symptoms. There’s no quick fix.