Non-prescription remedies

Has anybody had luck reducing migraine-related dizziness with non-prescription drugs? The promising ones for headache (at least) are: feverfew, vitamin b12, magnesium, coenzyme Q10 and butterbur. I have no idea whether they are effective for the vertigo component. I am trying some of them now and wil llet you know how i go. I know feverfew at least, has very real actions on serotonin so it might be more than a placebo i hope.

i still have a few other meds to try… naproxen sodium, atacand, an SSRI and clonidine.


I am on Co-q10 and Bcomplex (with B-12 in it). I have been on it for 3 weeks now and don’t yet see an improvement. However…the studies I have read look for improvement after 60 days so I’m not ready to quit. Plus the Bcomplex gives me some energy and helps me fight the fatigue.

I am also curious as to who has had non-perscription success.


Hello Adam,

Im not sure about any medicines to deal with migraine related vertigo. But i have heard of OCP-3 a powerful antioxidant helping to heal vertigo suffers. I have been told by one person it has helped them emmensely. I am yet to try it…because it costs $79 in australia and will have to wait till I have the money.

I hope this helps someone even if its not exactly what you were looking for.

Blessed Be
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My daughter in-law has had success with taking Vit. B2, magnesium, and feverfew. She does not suffer from vertigo but does from migraines. Almost 3 months from the day she started having far less headaches. She is taking prescription Keppra, Nortriptyline, and birth control.