Nori and a good SSRI or anti-anxiety

Hi. I’m currently on Nori 30mg. I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and Migraine Associated Vertigo. I have severe anxiety. Does anyone know of a good combo with Noritriptyline for anxiety relief?


Many have suggested Klonopin. I’ve had some and it helps a little, but not too much. Maybe I’m taking too small of a dose. But I’ve read benzos are good anti-anxiety for vestibular sufferers.

Hi Lucille,

Benzos usually work great for MAV. For both their anxiety and vestibular suppressant qualities. I’m not personally familiar with Klonopin but I find just 2.5mg of Valium works really well.

Good luck

Hi Lucille
I just began taking Klonopin in addition to topamax. It’s been pretty effective for me since it’s long acting. I have .5mg pills but only take .25mg at night or even .125mg sometimes and it’s effective for anxiety and for dizziness/balance. I’m not sure how it combines with Nori but I’ve had no problems with combining it with topamax though I do not take them at the same time. My only concern with the Klonopin is whether I can take much of it and do VRT since Klonopin tends to be a vestibular suppressant and might not allow the brain to retrain and compensate.
Hope you feel better soon… anxiety is no fun.

Hi! Thanks guys for the help. I’m still on Citalopram and Nori. I think my body was just getting use to the Nori and also, my anxiety sky rockets when it’s that time of the month. My anxiety is okay as of now. I still have all the 24/7 dizziness, etc.

Did you ever try the Klon? I can’t remember.
You might want to try Buspar…it’s an easy med to tolerate…