Nori causing insomnia

Hi all, have recently upped my nortriptyline from 20 to 30 mg and since then my insomnia ( which I always have )seems to have gone much worse. It’s 2am, 3am and I’m still wide awake. I thought nori was supposed to make you sleepy. Has it had this effect on anyone else?
Anne x

what time of day do you take it? can you try taking it in the morning?

Hi Anne… some people get drowsy when taking Nori while others feel like they have all kinds of energy. You might want to take your meds in the morning to see how that goes.

Hi Anne

I had insomnia for a few weeks when I started nori but it did get better. I am on 30mg (can’t tolerate higher) and I do often wake at about 6am ish then I often have a very vivid dream/nightmare before I wake up properly and get up. Sometimes these weird dreams are accompanied by a headache. I am pretty sure the nori causes this but it is not every night that I have the dream/headache. I am just putting up with it really but I can see if you can’t sleep at all then it would be different. I would give it a few weeks though as my initial insomnia did improve x

FOr people with insomnia/sleep issues, they will usually prescribe Ami instead of Nori, as it is more sedating. You can go straight across with the tricyclics without having to change dose. You can ask your doctor if it’s okay to switch…most know this.
Good luck!

I’ve had horrible insomnia since my MAV started. If I get 5hrs a night it’s a good day. My first week on Nori I was very excited because I was sleeping almost 10hrs but my body got used to it very quickly. I’m on 30mg as well, I usually take my pills around 9pm, the “sleepy” feeling hits around 11pm and I can usually fall asleep without any trouble but wake at least twice in the night.